Recent Lag + Inconsistencies + Sponging - Is It The Servers or Players? - TC Please Read!

(BENDY BULLY180) #251

But still no reply from TC. What a surprise

(Duffman GB) #252

Played a game of KOTH earlier today (1600 approx) one of the opposition had a ping of almost a constant 1000. Yes you read that right, ONE THOUSAND, sorry it did drop to 800 a couple of times.
As I’m sure you can imagine the game was horrendous, took a couple of vids.
Unplayable trash

(III EnVii III) #253


Play 2v2 and sometimes there are players with 80-300 ping and it’s just a loss that shouldn’t happen.

(Krylon Blue) #254

I played a match of 2v2 with my friend yesterday and we went up 6-0. All of a sudden one of their players jumped from 75ms to 90ms and we lost 6 straight rounds. There was a bunch of random rubber banding and sponging but luckily we won the deciding round.

The funny part is one of their players typed “spongey players” even though we were below 30ms. After the match my buddy told them “Yeah, right… look who’s spongey”.

(III EnVii III) #255


I had a very rare instance where these two high pingers loaded in,

Me and my random teamate were really low 5-8ms and they were 120-150ms.

Somehow we got to 5-1 up after losing the first round so all the momentum was with us.

Going into the 6th, the menu / UI scorebaord disappeared with the little lightning icon, game ended up timing out due to ‘disconnections’ :roll_eyes:

Pretty sad they cant take the L and expected to lag their way to victory.

(Krylon Blue) #256

We had two straight matches against this laggy team where we would go up 3-0 and due to their lag (and their tbag when they downed one of us) we would pick them up on Round 3 and double tbag the final guy.

…the WiFi icon would appear both times and the server would “disconnect”. Hm… strange.

I’m not one for doing these things but when I’m pinging at 15ms and you’re at 105ms and you tbag an enemy in the first match when you take the first round? And then when we do it back in Round 3 both matches it disconnects and doesn’t count the match? Suspicious.

(III EnVii III) #257

Yeah, been in that scenario multiple times.

Had a final KOTH game earlier before I went off and it was so bad.

Our stack was a stable 5-24ms for every player.

The other teams stack was a mixture of 40 - 80 - 80 - 90 - 150.

Guess who got MVP?

Yeah, the guy with 150 ping!!

It should be so difficult for that player to get kills agaisnt a team of players with no more than 24ms.

Considering the rest of his team mates bar 1 were also so high.

But Gears 4 massively helps those players “compete” - the reverse logic of any other game.

But I feel for you more, never have I seen a worse mix of Pings than when on US Servers.

Played 3 matches of Guardian with some US friends and my ping was a rock solid 80ms and I notice the disadvantage because I have to move and shoot early.

Then you had the usual invincible players are 200-500+ms who seem to walk through you regardless.

(Ninja Golf2K6) #258

It’s been like this since the beta. The Gears Ultimate beta.

The Coalition just sucks.

(III EnVii III) #259

I can only have hopes for Gears 5.

TC have had a long development Cycle and have foundations for 5 from 4.

I do expect better, what we will get, time will tell.

One thing is for sure, its so sad to see what could be a top TPS having a deserted population of only a few players.

(Krylon Blue) #260

Has tonight been really bad for anyone else? My buddy and I tried to play a few 2v2 matches but the enemies were sponge city and inputs were really flakey. An Up+A that should send me around the corner actually jumps me over cover into a Gnasher. I’ve played long enough to know how to do both moves so I know it’s not me. Also, lots of rubber banding and sticking to walls even with a 20ms ping.

It was so bad we went to Social where a 300ms player that only dropped as low as 160ms on occasion dominated the lobby. The amount of inconsistencies there were astronomical and should be punished with a swift boot from the match.

It’s a shame because I was looking forward to playing with my buddy as he finally has a day off. To bad it’s the day every match has extremely high pings ruining the match.

Oh well, I tried and rather than get angry over this constantly deterioting game I’ll go play something else for a bit or watch some television. :laughing:

(magicalpig76) #261

Yes, extra super bad tonight. East Coast USA here. I am very seriously considering installing a new game that I have already purchased. I know once I install this new game I will be done with GOW4 forever.

(III EnVii III) #262

Mixed to tonight as always.

Some lobbies good with everyone in the 0-20s.

Some lobbies bad with various 60-90-150s

(Krylon Blue) #263

I wish it was mixed for us but all 3 lobbies were extremely bad. This game is always inconsistent but tonight is one of those nights where everyone they’re pairing me with is 150ms and above.

(III EnVii III) #264

Yeah, it makes a massive difference too. I wonder why the next match feels so different and like muddy water and then you just look at the scoreboard and get the reason due to the crazy pings. The same after you come off a good private Warmup.

(Krylon Blue) #265

You and I have said it countless times already but I guess it needs to be said again. Gears 4 is the only game I’ve played on a dedicated server that changes not only match to match but second to second. In no other game have I ever experienced major movement and registration issues just because someone with an inconsistent high ping was placed in to the same lobby as me.

I hope Gears 5 doesn’t have these issues but if it does it’s basically dead on arrival. The only player(s) that should suffer from having a poor connection is the player with a poor connection. When I had Xfinity I had a 5 week period where they were giving me the run around over a service issue. I could prove without any doubt that my packet loss was 53% and had an upload of 0.08 from 7pm to 7am every night. I was playing Titanfall 2 at that time and it was unplayable for me. Constant rubber banding and slow motion movements but my friend who was with me confirmed it didn’t affect him. I messaged a few random players and they said it was like I was standing still and was an easy stationary target for them. But in Gears the high pings with extreme packet loss means an advantage? Come on now. Players need to be in control of their own QoS. Punishing those with good connections who can’t do anything to improve their experience so those with bad connections, who can improve them and play, is ridiculous. It makes the game unplayable for anyone North of Mexico.

(III EnVii III) #266

Agreed, TC need to do the right thing for Gears 5 and only time will tell :+1:

(capprix) #267

you want to be here in NZ, playing aussies, I’m mostly around around 26-34, when everyone else is about the same it’s a good game, then you get someone in with 5 and they are un killable, then there are the ones around 100-190 and everyone is lagging all over the place, they usually get quite a few kills and think they are good, even when I’m “game host” and everyone seems to have a better connection than me, I usually quit then rejoin just so that it takes that little crown away from me.

(III EnVii III) #268

Yeah, I cannot fathom how people play on 120-150-200+

I got chucked into a West Coast game and my ping was 150ms.

Honestly couldn’t do anything for the life of me.

And then there’s people running riot on that ping.

(Krylon Blue) #269

We ended up playing this Diamond 5 who started the match with a 25ms ping. It was weird because he had a low ping but he sponged everything and was killing everyone in one shot whether he was looking their way or not. In Round 1 my friends game crashed and he couldn’t rejoin. But we focused more and when we went up 140-40 or so this player spiked his ping to 179ms and it stayed there until they lost the round. It was just awful with him teleporting and one shooting when he wasn’t even on screen. Not happy with his cheap ■■■ ping he raised it to a solid 497 for the whole third round until they went up 160-40 or something like that. At this point he lowered it back down to 25ms.

Yeah… I’m supposed to believe lag doesn’t ruin the experience while giving an advantage? Yes, he dominated on a 25ms ping but in typical Gears fashion he also sponged. No one ever said a low ping can’t sponge but it’s not that common. But the moment he spiked his ping he went into god mode and I have no idea how because a 497ms should be basically unplayable.

In 5 games of Gears I saw more lag than I did in hours of Halo MCC. You could argue not every encounter is laggy and you’d be correct but if you experience even one lag spike each match it’s already too much. I rarely if ever get lag spikes in Halo, Titanfall, Battlefield and even CoD. But in Gears it’s every match which is way too often and something needs to be fixed.

(Lag spikes can mean sponging, teleporting and any weird lag related issues)

Love the game. Hate how someone can raise their ping and make the whole match feel sloppy as hell.


(III EnVii III) #270

I had that, thankfully it was a straightforward game but was funny how when we started gaining points, everyone started spiking randomly in the entire lobby and then you magically “exploded”.