Recent Lag + Inconsistencies + Sponging - Is It The Servers or Players? - TC Please Read!

(x Hakaii x) #231

would still be interesting to see your graphs of the hub3 :P! Strange how im VM same hub same test showing it being fine. Same 15-25ms everysingle game without fail unless stuck on an American server. And yet my router graph is showing that trash. But hey VM them selves have even said that the routers puma chips handles this stuff badly.

How can I have conflicting reports. Either way just thought I’d share my findings. :)!

Edit: I never acted like it was new to you. I simple saw you didn’t post those kinds of graphs on your post and that it’d be beneficial to set it up and let it collect some data for the next week. How am I to assume you knew about them when you posted every test but that one. Sorry if you took it the wrong way fella.

(III EnVii III) #232

You did a Speedtest, not a more in-depth DSLReports test.

And i don’t do the graphs anymore because they are pointless as they show the same thing on my connection, that it’s perfectly stable with no spikes and no packet loss.

(x Hakaii x) #233

Also it only seems to be prevalent with the hub3 as many people reverted back to their hub2ac and have had much better experiences. But then you sacrifice speeds which I know isn’t viable for some! :slight_smile:

(III EnVii III) #234

Again, I have no issues with my Hub3 and I get almost 400 Mb Down and 22 Up.

I had a Hub2ac for over a year and the experience is exactly the same, both wired and wireless.

(x Hakaii x) #235

Again it has nothing to do with your speeds, but I can see you don’t care for my opinion. I cant talk to someone so dense lol. Good luck with your future endeavours friend.

(III EnVii III) #236

I was replying to your point about Hub2ac sacrificing speed and having less DS channels - I’m not going to swap a better Hub3 and go backwards.

I know speed isn’t the issue here - I was simply stating across the board I have ~400 / 22 with low latency and no issues whatsoever on my end.

I still don’t get what your trying to say or claim as your opinion? That every single connection via VM on the Hub3 is somehow bad because of the router?

I have already disproven this will multiple tests via DSLReports + I’ve done countless graphs throughout the years and I’ve never experienced any issues - not saying they don’t exist though, but I’ve not had anything.

Again, I regularly hit 5ms rock solid in MP and it only goes higher as the game likes to compensate for other high pingers.

(x Hakaii x) #237

I feel I clearly haven’t explained my self well enough. Im not saying youre getting lag spikes im saying that on a hardware level the way the router is processing packets from low latency applications for gaming and the way it prioritises it is whats causing a lot of crap in the games that we play.

The latency spikes aren’t you to the server theyre latency issues within the routers processing it self. Its taking its time to process your packets because its performing a high priority maintainance task every few seconds due to the router hitting its CPU capacity to easily (due to being bad chips.) SO while im saying your conection to the servers maybe amazing, the way your router specifically thehub 3 is handling that conection on a hardware level between your xbox/pc is whats bad.

I guess im not tech savvy enough to explain it but its worth noting that while lag compensation is bad for us low ping players, our router is not doing us any favours. Believe what you want to, im just here providing what ive learned about the routers tech specs and how badly the router handles things internally.

(III EnVii III) #238

I don’t see this because it does not happen on any other game besides Gears.

The problem with gears is the net code and the lag comp.

If there was no Lag Comp then I guarantee it would work perfectly fine.

I have ZERO issues loading into a private lobby with 9 bots.

They die as expected EVERY TIME. No BS.

Even in Private where everyone is relatively local with good internet - no issues whatsoever.

Go online and even ONE person at 40-60 ping can throw off the game.

Have a player at 60-90+ and that’s it - major issues.

It’s not rocket science to figure out that the delays, sponging and all the inconsistencies are due to the game itself.

I have VM and EE Fiber in my current home. Both exhibit the same behaviour on Gears 4.

If the router was to blame then I’d see issues in every game.

Why is there no issue against bots? I still have a ping, a stable one.

Same for Private Lobbies - no issues whatsoever.

It’s when you have no control over the players and their respective connections that the game falls apart.

And, just so you know, VM and Intel issued a fix for the very thing you are talking about - so the issue has been addressed and resolved for those that experienced it. I myself did not after extensive testing.

(magicalpig76) #239

I’m not a Virgin Media customer and I don’t know what this HUB3.0 thing is, but your post got me thinking.
For the past 2 weeks, every match has been unplayable for me. My ping is always under 50ms so I assumed other players’ lag and unstable connections were causing my problems. After reading your post, I tried plugging my XBOX directly into my cable modem, bypassing the router (I had been using hardwired ethernet.)
After making this change I played 4 matches and got MVP on all 4 of them! My ping was no better after the change and I was still matched up with people whose pings were > 100ms or that fluctuated widely.
I feel bad for complaining so much about all the Central American players’ pings for so long. I always assumed they were degrading the match quality, but it seems it was just my crappy router this whole time. I am using the router supplied by my ISP. It’s time to shop for my own router.

(x Hakaii x) #240

Yep, as much as people believely its soley gears netcode. It simply isn’t, there is something going on with routers that we clearly cant measure. The more and more packets and data my router has to process (more players, pings etc) the worse it gets. The VM hub3.0 is garbage no matter how much people want to believe its fine. LOL

(Krylon Blue) #241

I’m not sure what’s going on today but it’s been worse than ever. I’m not sure how 5 of us can be crossfiring a single enemy yet they are able to get away but I guess that’s the life of playing against 105ms sponges. So many times I’d pull the trigger and nothing would even go off which is all kinda of messed up. Needless to say after 3 games of this unbearable lag I got off because I’m not tolerating being at such a huge disadvantage over these players.

(magicalpig76) #242

My comments above where I said bypassing my router fixed all my problems were premature. The smooth, tight matches I experienced after trying that must have been a fluke. It did not work the following night nor any night since. Most matches are not smooth nor tight, shotgun often doesn’t fire, I am 1-shot killed from what appear to be impossible distances, enemies sponge solid hits, enemies teleport and rubberband. The same old b.s. as usual.

(III EnVii III) #243

It makes a massive difference who is actually in your game.

(The Evil Moo) #244

What you’re describing is s device’s throughput:

A video game will not hit the limit of even the cheapest of devices .

If you’re concerned that your router is dropping packets, you test it internally, you don’t measure packet loss to an external source as the packets could be discarded at any point between you and your destination.

Take your router and run a lan cable directly to your pc. Ping or run a tracert to your router’s address, if you see packet loss then you have a faulty cable or you have a faulty router.

(Duffman GB) #245

Just quit a game, I really do not like doing that but I am FED UP with opposition with pings of 200+ totally dominating the map (my team 20ish), in this case checkout. Average kills on my team, first round 5-6. 3 of the enemies flying and I mean flying all over the map with 15-18 kills and more captures obviously. F. U C. K this game :frowning: :frowning:

(Krylon Blue) #246

I’m playing Battlefield V right now just to avoid the Gears lag.

(Duffman GB) #247

Is it good ?
I tend to play Gears 3 mp or Gears J overrun when I need to take a break from 4 or my other go to is Titanfall (s) especially the first one, I love it.

(Krylon Blue) #248

No, it’s actually fairly unenjoyable. I have 3 hours left on my 10 hour EA Access trial so we will see if it grows on me but I have my doubts. After all, I feel like 7 hours is enough time to know if you’ll enjoy a game and so far I’d rather avoid it all together. I had it preordered but I contacted Microsoft and requested a refund because I am not having any fun with it. It’s a shame because I loved BF4 but felt BF1 was a step back from that. However, BFV is a huge step back from BF1 which isn’t a positive sign. And that’s not even considering the fact BFV has a minimal amount of maps and modes available at launch.

(magicalpig76) #249

I “play” gears for about an hour a night. I use the term loosely because it’s mostly just join social quickplay, survey other players’ pings, observe negative effects of lag compensation for 2 minutes, quit to main menu. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

(BENDY BULLY180) #250

It’s a absolute joke this game. Match players based on ping. It’s not that difficult. Instead we are subjected to this lagfest of a game where you get shot from what seems like 50 meters with a gnasher. The other night I recorded a video where I clearly get my 2 shots off first. I go down he doesn’t. Bull. So sick of 83% And 98, 99% in two shots. This game is soooooo broken