Recent Lag + Inconsistencies + Sponging - Is It The Servers or Players? - TC Please Read!

(Lambent Lucky) #211

Some do it using a mobile hotspot even though they could have a wired connection and better network. It’s really just another form of cheating.

(Krylon Blue) #212

I wouldn’t doubt it. Not when I see pings like this:

A game that rewards high pings and makes everything feel delayed for low pings should NOT allow this kind of connection.

(III EnVii III) #213

And because of that you can’t have an accurate representation of “Rank” because the reverse of logic applies here - you would expect those players to be able to do nothing however they in fact soak up shots or even clean shots won’t register and they continue to insta-gib you …

(Krylon Blue) #214

High vs high and low vs low. That’s all you can do. But to punish me on every match I play is ridiculous. Get rid of rank and stop pairing me with cheaters. that’s all I ask.

(Krylon Blue) #215

Lol, first let me say I can’t stand Gears 3 because the frame rate and screen shake annoys me but the lag in that game is 100x better than Gears 4

(III EnVii III) #216

I agree with this however I think the issue is with stacked teams.

The only way to enforce this is to only allow players to team up from the same region in Ranked and allow a larger 3 man party for Social.

Alternatively be more restrictive in Competative and allow as it is in Core. In that scenario I would like to see Blitz added to Comp, best of 3.

Yeah, it’s a shame it didn’t get a performance enhancement as the 30FPS can be dizzying and nauseating.

However I did get through Gears 2 with some initial patience!

(Krylon Blue) #217

You can have stacked teams but if you do and your pings aren’t within say 20ms of each other you may play against higher pings. But many times my whole team is pinging 20-25ms and the enemies are in the 120-200 range. That’s not right.

(DkN Capps) #218

since season 5 is almost unplayable in Italy, Many players uninstall the game. What happen?
I recorded only the worst but I see this madness many times in everey single round.
DkN Capps from Italy.

(cribbel) #219

(III EnVii III) #220

Wow, saw some spike to 800ms!

@Krylon_Blue look familiar?

Those games when someone is 90+ ping and you are 10-20ms.

(cribbel) #221

Yes, there where 2 guys at 800 . The whole game session was pinging crazy for everyone involved. But everyone played through the whole session,

(GrubKiller101) #222

Last night had a few occurrences where I began to teleport. Looked at Pings on the board and everybody was in the 100’s for a few seconds and then they fell back. Noticed packet loss Icon also. What was the likely reason, my connection or Servers Lagging? I have caps I can UL. When I was finally kicked (think I was MVP at the time too) I called it a night.

(x Hakaii x) #223

I know this is very old and While I completely agree that Gears netcode is screwed. Its worse for Virgin Media users as their HUB3.0 is a piece of trash. It uses cheap crappy Intel Puma chips that has terrible low latency application performance which in turn dispite speed tests showing your full speed has crazy crazy ping spikes.

Due to the chips inability to priortise traffic very well even with plenty of bandwith overhead the router is constantly performing a maintainance test that freezes and halts traffic for a brief amount of MS (varying and fluctuating) All of this ontop of gears netcode it is far far worse.

You can set up a monitor using and you will see there after a few days of data gathering that the router Is absolute trash. And using 3rd party routers with the hub in modem mode doesn’t resolve the issue as all the traffic is handled by the Puma chip still.

There is a youtuber called Sim UK that does far better explaining and anaylisis than I can provide you but I can assure you 100% that the fault isn’t completely on TC’s side and there is a lot going on at a hardware level with the router it self.
VM forums are litered with gamers like you and I experiencing the same crap!

(III EnVii III) #224

I have zero issues with VM.

No ping spikes and hardly any jitter.

(x Hakaii x) #225

Both DSLReports and speedtest wont show you these issues. These use round trip ping and not consistent pinging. Im emploring you to actually look into it by setting up a broadband monitor with the website I provided.

Its a concrete fact the hub3 handles low latency appps (gaming, calls, skype etc) very very badly, the QoS is garbage. So yes while your speed tests look great and jitter and round trip ping all look fine, I guarantee you theyre not. And I can even post you proof of my own tests but hey I’d rather you check your own haha

(x Hakaii x) #226

See my other reply above, but here are some of my “perfectly fine results”

What my speed looks like as of tonight, Looks good right. Perfectly fine.

What the broadband monitor is actually showing the router doing.

spikes1 spikes spikes2

And this is what it should look like.

Im not excusing TC im just simply stating for you to run some additional tests as it is partly due to cheap routers and gears 4 netcode causing issues. And the hub3 while good outside of gaming, is absolutely garbage when it comes to games like gow that have one of the highest send tickrates going. Hub3.0 is garbage, and nothing can be done to resolve it. I highly doubt gow5 will be much different very long after launch as people start to move onto other games servers become quieter. Your only hope is a new ISP (HyperOptic being my next choice) and if you stay with VM then the HUB4.0 assuming they fix the issue. You can see them selves that they’ve acknowledged the issues of the router and tried putting out firmware updates to resolve it with no luck! but hey.

Do what you will, Gears netcode don’t play nice with our routers. And it wont change.

(WrinklyHornet34) #227

This is something that really upsets me. We have a thread here that has gained so much traction and yet TC has yet to respond. Yet when a thread that goes on about rank, packs, characters and XP it gets a some what immediate reponse and has the little cog symbol next to it meaning an official has responded to it. I am not aking TC to come in and wave a wand and go hey all the problems are fixed but honestly this has all been going on for so long that I think a straight up answer to what is being done about this is needed. I am not one of those people who is going to smash TC if an official came and said we are looking into but, even though it has been on going, acknowledging that there is a problem means you have taken the first steps to fixing the problem.

Might not be a popular or is a popular opinion but thats my 2 cents.

(III EnVii III) #228

I have had the graph previously with no issues.

DSL Reports actually will constantly keep pinging and I will only ever get A+

In game, I am always the lowest in the lobby with 5-15ms ping - I never ever spike.

I think the only issue here is with you and being insecure for whatever reason.

The connection is perfectly fine and better than 99% of connections I see online in the lobby where peoples pings are either really high or spiking really bad.

Bearing in mind I’ve had a VMNG300 & Hub 1-3, I’ve never had any inconsistency issues on my end.

Sponging and Gnasher delays have always been present in Gears.

(x Hakaii x) #229

And yet my ping in game is 15-20ms too never changes and I still experience the trash. But hey I’ve provided you with another perspective and a way to obtain more data. But its not all on TC.

Do with it what you will!

(III EnVii III) #230

You think I’ve not had a graph for years? Over 10+ years in fact on multiple properties and multiple ISPs. You are acting like it’s something new to me that I haven’t explored and checked out.

If we were both in the same lobby, I would most definitely ping lower with a more stable connection, that’s for sure. How do I know? Because it’s what I see game in game out - always the lowest and most stable.

Edit: the Gnasher delay is the single most frustrating thing in the game as well.