Recent Lag + Inconsistencies + Sponging - Is It The Servers or Players? - TC Please Read!

So I have been wondering why over the last couple of weeks, Gears 4 has taken a massive nosedive when it comes to ALL matches having major Lag & Sponging Issues.

At first I thought, it must be me right? I mean matches that were all 20-40ms shouldn’t experience any issues?

Yet here I was, lagging, my shots weren’t doing anything and I was being killed so easily!

For example;

I was shooting point blanks, I can see pellets hitting players, I was also right next to them only for them to turn around and one shot me and my shot was only registered as 70% …

This was happening time and time again, point blanking and nothing, pumping clips into people and still only getting 60 - 70 - 83%

I just didn’t feel right.

But it cant be me, I have stress tested my connection and there are no issues.

I am hard wired in directly to the router via a 1m Ethernet cable - my PC is on a longer cable anyway.


So these were done a few minutes ago, peak times, during a Saturday and Afternoon time too.

So my connection is as good as one could get for gaming, no Packet Loss & Very Low Ping.

So it can’t be my connection.

So what can it be?

Well, I noticed something yesterday when playing Blitz on Social.

I joined a game with 20ms ping. All players were around 26-45ms - perfectly reasonable but there it was again, so much sponging, my shots not doing anything - at one point, someone was in cover and I hard aimed at them and my bullets landed BEHIND them on cover!!!

They were static, not moving and yet my bullets went past them to hit the cover, the player then jumped off cover and one shot killed me :confused:

Now, several matches of me going insane thinking why cant I kill anyone!

It eventually emptied and it was on me and the bots.

So my ping dropped slightly to a ROCK SOLID 16ms -very rarely did I see it go up to a max of 20ms.

So it was very consistent and guess what?


So agaisnt the bots, with my ping at a steady 16ms and no other human players, it all worked so perfectly!

The same way I was wall bouncing, the same way I was pop shotting, the same way I was hard aiming, everything, the same way I was blind firing - it all just worked!

Now, I had 2 full matches of just bots where I just tried to replicate any issues I found with players and NONE. Not one issue.

Now, the 3rd match, players loaded back in.

Guess what?

Problems came back!

Ping went up again once the players were in but again, it found its level and stayed there.

I did notice other players pings fluctuated more. I saw players 22 - 28ms and their ping would spike to 80+ before coming back down to 22-28ms

What was happening?

This is exactly when I noticed my player on screen would jerk forward and backward - get stuck or just lag back - split second lag or maybe for a second or two.

I also noticed this spike in ALL players when intense shooting / fighting was happening - so on gridlock when players where sitting in towers and all lancering and some were having shotgun battles, for 1 - 6 seconds pings would spike and cause lag / sponginess and then go back down normal.

So - is it the players with jittery connections causing Lag Comp to constantly fluctate the delays and so players appear to “sponge” shots?

Or is it the servers that for some reason lately cannot keep up with all 10 players moving and shooting together?

It has to be on of these things?

Why would my ping be rock solid in two matches filled with bots, with no issues whatsoever, no lag, no teleporting, no nothing!

Then, as soon as players join, pings spike continuesly, maybe every 1-5 minutes or sometimes even every 30-45 seconds?

I noticed it could be some players going from low pings to 80 - 90 - 120+ for seconds and then coming down.

Or the game could at once show that everyones pings spiked massively - even mine I saw go from 18ms to 88ms a long with everyone elses and then come back down to 45ms and then settle steadily back to original 18ms.

I never noticed this before until the bot only match proved it can’t be me and has to be other players maybe on Wi-Fi or maybe on Shared connections causing ping spikes and thus the game spikes all players possibly due to Lag Comp or whatever.

Or its the servers that can’t handle that much information and thus you see a spike.

Can TC please investigate?

Funny thing is, I did a private match with a few friends and they did shotgun battles while I watched their ping levels and they did not change by more 5ms. They were at a stable 20-30ms range the whole game.

I then joined in and did not get the BS of Social / Ranked games.

They too confirmed that some players felt “unkillable” that they were landing clear cut shots on them but were getting one shot killed / down even after 2, 3, 4 or even full clip going into someone.

Hopefully this gets sorted!


Great informative post. I hope to gets sorted once and for all


Everybody ,including TC knows its the players ,its got to be…I have played with folks from your side of the pond before (pings 100 or so ,BUT STABLE!!!),and never had as much of an issue as I have had playing against players south of the US ,their internet and infrastructure for online gaming is pure utter garbage …They should NOT be allowed to play RANKED games ,it makes no sense to me why they don’t get forced into social …That needs to happen for GOW 5 or I feel it will suffer greatly ,especially with more and more players becoming much more aware of this major issue


I’m hoping others can also see if players are “spiking” in the lobbies - this would explain inconsistencies. Especially when you are on a low 20ms ping expecting to kill someone and behind the scenes, the game is upping your ping to 80+ because other players are causing the game to panic thinking wait - players aren’t at 20-40ms ping, they are now at 120ms ping!

And then a few seconds later, when players drop back the game has to re-calculate and sees a drop and reduces as a result.

I can’t believe how smooth the game was with either just bots or when playing with local players who you know have a solid connection that doesnt fluctuate.

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I think the location of where bullets come from have a lot to do with it too. For instance. Check this backpack out. Thought they fixed that guess not


Edit : something is wrong with servers and or registration too though

I average 5-15 ping but seems like everyone sponges. Just poor lag comp algorithm

But could also be the shots are coming out to far behind the gun giving us the illusion we are shooting from closer than we actually are


It just seems to be a lot worse recently.

It’s like my shots just don’t do anything.

But this only against players in ranked / social - against friends or bots - it works fine …

Yeah it’s been getting progressively worse.

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Glad I’m not the only one experiencing this, I think we need to voice the recent issues so TC can investigate and hopefully provide a solution.

Its not recent issues though and TC already addressed it with gears in the machine vids ,they straight up came out and said “a 250ms window is fair and acceptable” so we need to just stop …
GOW 5 is doomed if they take this idea moving forward .


I was playing a few weeks ago with a group of guys and they invited a player who ended up being from Mexico in. Before we started playing ranked we were in a private match and it was awful. I was pinging in the 20ms range while he was between 190ms and 500ms. My shots didn’t even hurt him nor did any of the others in the lobby. The ultimate sponge which I guess isn’t surprising considering my experience is all Mexico connections cause lag. I have played with Australians pinging around 220ms before and the lag was there but not unplayable. Which makes me wonder; why is an 80ms ping (or higher) from Mexico so bad even if it doesn’t fluctuate when compared to a 200ms ping from anywhere else?

A 50ms difference makes the game feel sluggish. How can we deal with 250ms? Something is terribly wrong with the coding if such a small difference can change the whole match.

Like you I have superb internet. My DSLReports all come back A+ on a wired connection (Ping, Jitter) and my speeds are 940Mbps Down, 250Mbps up. So I have a stable internet with extremely excessive bandwidth for gaming yet I’m constantly getting lag spikes in Gears… but it’s not my ping fluctuating it’s other players.


I am getting much worse inconsistenties as late compared to before …

But I agree - 250ms is WAY too much!

This is a very good site to check out your line quality and see if your ping fluctuates …

THANK YOU, for sharing this information, many of us suffer the same; sometimes or at all times. And they are the things that make us frustrate in gears 4. And it is good to clarify the connection. That’s why a lot of players say : “the multiplayer is broken”. It’s sad that with these big flaws in the game, they’re already thinking about a next installment. that many of us will buy because we really love gears.

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Thank you for your reply bro!

Hopefully TC will look into this.

I mean look at the spread of pings in this game!!

You can imagine how much BS sponginess occurred!

It’s so inconsistent. Some matches, I’m getting killed while they are rolling, others feel tight and make sense. I don’t know if this is coincidence, but 2 days ago I has the smoothest match I ever had, and for some reason my ping was twice what it normally is (60 instead of 30). I’ve gone to trying to stream shows on my PC while I play to see if I get get that ping back. lol. It played so smooth!!

For the most part, something is definitely off now. Yesterday, I watched someone teleport during a roll. I can bait people with the mantle and now it never lets me cancel, no matter how fast my timing is. However, 2 weeks ago I blocked 3 of these in one day. I tried to pick up a meat shield yesterday and it would not only not show me the ‘Y’, but it just would not let me do it at all. Something is screwy.


I agree, something is off recently and the game isn’t playing as normal …

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Let’s analyze for a moment the situation of the mutiplayer and it is almost impossible not to mention other games, in which there is also lag, problems by connection, BUT I think that the problems of gears are very unusual and that is why they stand out from everyone. Let’s be fair, all of us who have playing gears since the first delivery, we know that this game have many problems in the multiplayer, and that makes it worse, after so long continue with these problems that annoy the community. It has happened to me that I have found myself in games in which we all have an average ping of 60, but the opposing team killed us with a facility absurd.

      Guaranteed  gears 5 will a cut and paste of the same broken mechanics. That’s all TC is capable of and you they’ve shown it time after time. I hope  they prove me wrong.

I don’t know any other game where players “sponge” shots :sob:

It’s crazy how you can shoot someone accurately once, twice even three + times and they turn around and just one shot you so easily.

It’s literally like no one misses a shot :confused:


In Halo 5, to give an example, maybe there is a bit of lag, but I have never known of similar problems, to which you mention. And do not mention the ranked system, in HALO it is much clearer, simpler and just. It is inceptible that if Gears have copied several things to Halo, you can not pick up some GOOD things.


I gotta say, Fortnight is worse than Gears in that regard. But, the combat in FN is trash so it’s not a big deal like it is in gears where you can use several clever movements to out-play an opponent, then get robbed because your point-blank was sponged and you get shot while they are facing the opposite direction.
Other FPSs feel better than gears but I think the main reason is gears is faster and uses more constantly changing angles. TC really needs to raise the bar because their game demands it due to the fast paced play. They say the connections are “equal to other” major franchises but this game isn’t some “pew pew” FPS like most others.