Recent GOW4 Mixer Event

Promises. of skins to watch the news about Halo GOW4 &. 5. Mixer play was terrible and I never had issues watching last match. Due to lousy playback, I missed the promised skins. Totally sucked. If they can’t produce then everybody should get promised skins! It is. the honorable thing to do. Oh I twitted.

But they’ve released those same skins from the Mixer event two more times now. If you’ve missed it that many times then I’m sorry, but they shouldn’t release it again.

I am aware of. the. one. Which was. advertised. Mixer was glitching badly. For the last eSports. everything worked great So I know my. equipment works. Since Mixer was glitching it is. only fair that everyone that was online should get a complmitry skin.
Also, Icontribute a lot of. money to help support eSports. So that it. will be viable and. offer bigger pots. It just really. PO"ED ME to put. in the time when. Icould have been playing.