Recent Error 0X00000d1c

Keep getting this error while trying to play horde. MrEcastigador and MrsElcastigador. Is this happening again. I know it happened in October.

Same thing started happening to me and 2 friends about 30 min ago. We can’t start a horde game no matter which one of us is hosting, pubic or private without receiving the error.

same here

Yeah , I’m getting the same for public and private. Server must be down. It was bad this morning.


Yeah it’s been a problem for the last 5-6 hours for me. It started out as an occasional on-off thing, but now I can’t play any Horde at all.

Actually got it to work. Turned off console and let it set for a few minutes. Turned it back on and it went through. Hope this helps.

I had this yesterday too. It is annoying…TC have one job…DO NOTHING and they cannot even do that.

Well, the event is now formally over and everything is running smooth as peak-era Marvin Gaye.

Me too. Never heard of this problem before. Just started playing again after 2 years. Been loving it. Please fix!

It seems like it’s problems with the servers, so not much we can do unfortunately.

On a slightly different topic, on behalf of the forum, I would like to thank you for using the search function (rather than start another brand new post). Genuinely, thank you.

@ll_R_E_D_l I know you will also appreciate this too! :smiley:

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No, thank you. I was thinking I did something wrong.