Reasons your kicked from my horde

Hi guys as a long time gears of war horder I thought id try to explain the reasons behind being kicked from the game… Now I’m no professional gamer, enjoy a good 50 wave adventure most nights of the week,Tend to keep the levels elite/ insane ,manageable and fun for all classes. So the deal is, I’m an engineer by choice, I have a system that doesn’t involve you buying fences for me. If you think theres plenty of cash in the fab then by all means spend it on yourself, I dont need more ■■■■ to look after!!!
Jack I love you man, but you like JD are not more important than a few fences to stop freaking leaches from annoying me, you’ll get a level 4 forge as early as I can fairly manage it…
Stealing from lockers, if your patient you’ll get your own level 4 locker sooner than youd think. Share the first couple , and respect your team mates…
Not depositing, early waves if you want lockers forged etc its essential you deposit. If theres enough to fix I’ve no issue with saving for weapons perks etc but if your running around on the map with 10 000 wave 15 then I’m afraid your no longer part of the team and I’ll take my chances without you…
Newbies playing on elite of above. Now I get we all have to start somewhere, and if you e playd before and hit the ground running then enjoy and do your best, glad to have you on the team… If you are frankly a liability, then again ill try my luck with the AI.
I truly love playing this game the right way, it’s taken a little while to fully embrace the new systems and classes, Baird being both sniper and engenieer was a game changer for me. Look forward to playing with you all at some point. Custom, Baird and Jd’s 50 wave adventures ( no ■■■■■■■ around).

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Do the people you kicked, know why they were kicked? When I’m reading this, I am thinking that I have never come across you. It’s not me that needs telling.

Also, Lizzie and Fahz can benefit from freezing Barriers. They may buy for this specific reason.

When someone hogs many power, the first step would be to ask them to deposit. If they were ignoring or refusing, then kick could follow. If they understood English, then they would know why they were kicked anyway.

Communication is the key, before kicking them. They may change their behaviour around. A player is better than a bot, unless the player was intentionally going to sabotage team. Hogging power is less worse than a stupid bot. Because that power hogged was earned from Jack smelting. And everyone else in team gets power from smelted.


You sound like the type of player many other players wouldn’t be fond of playing with, especially if they found out you say things like this. What “engineer” even says this? You really gotta humble yourself.


It’s a team effort and I have to agree with @Ektope that a team is nothing without communication, from my expierence playing as baird, if I’m struggling for power and just drop ‘deposit’ into the chat, I haven’t had one issue yet and everyone jumps into action and these are just randoms, everyone respects the engineers anyway so you don’t need sound so stuck up about the position :joy: it can be a boring task at times, because you won’t always get to do a lot of the fighting and you’ll be busy thinking about your next buy or repairing.

Suggest putting a brief description in your lobby title to attract the sort’ve players you are looking for so at least after the first chat asking for everyone to deposit a kick would be warranted, at least in my opinion and from my expierences, but I don’t see many toxic pve players, everyone is generally chilled.


Not impressed.

I’ve never understood people that hog energy.

As a Kait Scout main since 4 they limit what you can do with it.

Perks are legit just a useless luxury because no matter what that 30% health ain’t gonna help ■■■■ when you’re still gonna get downed in a split second on harder difficulty’s

Then you’ve got people that kick for any reason at any moment. If I do much as take cover on the wrong spot, I’m gone. Or god forbid I pick a weapon up off the ground or move in front in an escape match I get booted lol. First I get cursed at tho…

Everybody wanted the kick option when it wasn’t working. What did you think was going to happen? Goes to peoples head having that power!
Me and the guys I play with usually kick for three main reasons…
*Not depositing after being asked politely a few times.
*Coming in as a second Engineer and starting to do your own thing.

  • Being a ■■■■!
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Play alot of horde just about daily and all I can say is

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I have never got kicked from anything, I’m just too good at everything.

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Guys, he is real important.

I don’t even know who you are

Fair enough. That’s what Custom Lobbies are for. Play your way, as long as people are aware of your preferences.

People failing to deposit early can be detrimental to the team. The worst I’ve seen is a Kait that’d spent over 20K on herself by Wave 13-14, leading to an early defeat. I can understand people kicking such woeful team players.

Sometimes it can seem arbitrary. What is funny is when people make matches named “don’t join, farming” or whatever, I join them anyway and type “If you don’t want people to join you, make the game private…”


The extra shotgun damage perk slot is always welcomed

Yeah but that’s way later on in the game.

Kait already gets so much extra damage from the gnasher from her cards if you have her bleed build maxed. The miniscule 10% can wait indefinitely.

Lizzie’s ultimate cooldown perk is awesome, you get a silverback every wave.
So you might not kick Lizzie :wink:

When someone host the game, that doesn’t mean he or she should control how the game flows :smile:

The more strictness you enforce, the less people you shall play with…

Forth…not reading the lobby description. If a lobby is in german or french and i can’t understand… i don’t join.