Reasons why people keep quitting Horde mode

  1. No interesting rewards. There is nothing to grind for. All the Tour of Duty rewards are trash, as are all the skill cards even the rare ones (that we can see so far). This means you have nothing to lose, so why not quit a match? There is no definite progress towards something you NEED if you stay. An example would be - skill cards that are 3x more likely to drop after wave 20, or 4.5x more likely to drop after wave 30. But there are no INTERESTING skill cards anyway. Look at Warframe build videos for an example of really interesting gun/character customization.

  2. Can’t defend yourself alone, so you get downed with one mistake. In Gears 3 Horde this wasn’t so much a problem, time to kill was lower and your starting weapons were good enough to get the most kills on the team(!!!). Also the chainsaw being the right bumper doesn’t work. It makes you get stuck in a reload animation. At least add the option of the gears 3 control scheme.

  3. Engineer class sucks. Your weapons are garbage and you have to hide behind your turrets, which cost all your earned power to reload/heal - so even on Beginner difficulty, your fortifications are gone when you eventually fail the wave and you have no way of getting them back. AND turrets have low max ammo, low dmg. Like they’re deliberately nerfed so they aren’t a serious strategy. (And where is the Silverback? Is that coming next year?) If turrets are so expensive then they should at least be powerful.

  4. Can’t be the character you want… seriously who thought this was a good idea? It wouldn’t be bad if everyone could be the same character. Let us choose our starting weapons. It’s another negative and another reason to leave. When you get a new character skin or when you’ve levelled that character, then you only want to play as that character…

  5. Bugs. The game can get stuck in an infinite loop during “validating match” while joining a game, the only option is to reboot the game. Jack’s zapper stops working completely after you take control of the orange dome shield drone. Even unlocking a skill card can get the game stuck in a loop. And you sometimes get a post-match notification of your rewards like new character skill cards… but you don’t actually get them(???). Even though the game just told you you did.

  6. One player gets downed -> the whole team is worse off. It’s not possible to recover from certain situations, like that one enemy that can grab you and run off with you. If there are two of them and you took out one, the other one will still get someone else on the other side of the map.

  7. Too difficult to survive, especially in later waves. Gunplay feels bad and is underwhelming (it’s not skill based, but based purely on how close you stick to teammates). Easier and far more effective to MELEE enemies than shoot them (!!!). The good gameplay flow from Gears 3 Horde is gone. Try it and see how easy it is to kill the early enemies, how far you can get solo even. Just watch a video, seriously. And Active Reload really shines in Gears 3 and feels FUN. The graphics in this game are amazing but the game design is poor. And once again - no reason to stay in the match. A fix would be - you get MORE supply drop points the longer into the match you are playing. But that would only work if Supply gave us anything good to begin with. Or give us guaranteed rewards like a small amount of these other currencies (scrap/iron) or points to buy certain character skins with (that you need 100 of or something). Another idea is allow us to grind towards unlocking new starting weapons like the Boomshot, and Hammer of Dawn. Useless but FUN. Also let us buy ammo for all weapons from the fabricator, or better yet, restock ammo more on each wave. Why invest in gun lockers when it’s so expensive??? It’s just anti-fun.

  8. The maps are… not exactly what Unreal Engine 4 was designed for IMO lol, I was hoping for more variety in graphical detail. Something to come back to without it feeling so… stale, boxy. Why oh why can’t we have Campaign map spots as Horde maps? The maps are already done and made, so…

Also please bring back the Onyx Gear character.

Once I played Gears 3 Horde and there were 6 players, because of a bug or a hack. Was an interesting and fun match. Why not have a character that has an extra AI bodyguard that stays close, similar to the Gears 3 max lvl decoy? (Because it’s hard to survive on your own) Or allow us to have 6-7 players in a more difficult Horde mode. One thing that’s good is there are 2 options there when you select horde mode (host or server browser) so you can easily fit another game mode in there.

Another thing for anyone reading… up the contrast on your TV if you haven’t already, the graphics are amazing. I am not particularly impressed with 4k resolution, it just seems okay to me. But the contrast can make the details really pop.

One other thing I noticed… is that this feels like a 30fps game, even in 60fps.