Really wish i knew about syndrome skins

How many syndrome skins have been given out already? I got the longshot last night. I know i’ve seen people with the dropshot in game. These look amazing!

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As far as I know, there has only been Dropshot, Boltok and Longshot so you’re not far behind!

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Embar as well.

I missed out on the Emerald phantom skins because despite being a huge Gears fan I put this game on the back burner. Now I’m getting back into it and having a blast with Horde and trying to get as many skins as possible. Longshot was my first Syndrome skin, also picked up a Phantom Dropshot last night. Luckily I snagged a Midnight Omen Hammerburst and Markza. Sorry I missed out on the Syndrome Boltok I would’ve liked that. I really want the starting weapons the most.


I think you are also missing the Syndrome Embar if I’m not mistaken.

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They made several Phantom skins available again on multiple occasions, so I reckon you’ll have another shot at getting the ones you missed further down the line. TC also did some votes where viewers got to vote for which skin became available later on in the stream.


Yeah i wish i would have known about the phantoms as well. I missed quite a few tbe first time around.

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Again, some of them will be made available again on future live stream events. The Phantom Dropshot was available again last night (along with the Syndrome Longshot) and I think some of them have been available on up to 3 separate occasions. I doubt the Phantom’s will be as frequent seeing as the Syndrome ones are the current skins, but will most likely pop up every so often. It’s a pity they give us no advance notice - we just find out just before the stream starts. I’m still missing about 4 of them.


Yeah i claimed the drop last night. I couldn’t remember if i had it or not, but ofc i did. Wish i could trade it for one of the ones i don’t have. Now i have to look at that 2 all the time and can’t scrap it.

when will they lancer and gnasher

Stay tuned

During the next Pro Circuit event stream. It’s sometime in July I think

Can someone tell me/link me where I can see pics? I looked around and don’t see anything about the syndrome skins.

Here’s a link to a picture of the set from the E-Sports twitter.

Awesome thanks a lot. They’re not bad. Sucks tho I don’t usually have much time to be watching streams but I’ll give it a shot

The problem with the Wednesday streams is the stupidly late times for Europe, it’s like 1am in UK when it begins, so I’ve not gotten any of them yet.

Same boat and last Wednesday was my first time doing this. Heck I didn’t even know how to Retweet I had to Google how to do that. They asked me to retweet at the beginning of the stream and then I waited until the end and they asked me to do it again to get the Syndrome skin. Really easy and I didn’t have to watch the stream or pay attention, I just let it run in a tab on my browser and checked frequently for the second quest.

I feel your pain. Although it’s not as bad for me. I live east coast us and have to be in bed early to be up at 4:30 am for work.

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Thanks. I have to get up 7am for work so… by the time it’s over, it’s gone 2am at least. And another hour on for anyone in Europe east of me.

to me if i like skins