Really wish escape and hero system never happened!

With a lot of development focus on escape and hero and villain abilities I really feel we suffered with content. I truly feel that’s why we are not getting maps and characters much sooner. And that’s a shame cause at the end of the day versus is going to be the top played for all time as harde gets less and less people and escape eventually dies. Just sucks that they are taking there development time and resources in the game modes and abilities and in the end we suffer from lack of content because of it.


I think most of us agree with that what you have said and the focus on Heroes, when we never wanted the bloody things! has hurt Gears 5 a great deal.

Why don’t MS get some more developers at TC, they are obviously overstretched and possibly underskilled ?
For one of the very limited AAA games on Xbox it is unfathomable to me how little love seems to have been given to Gears 5


Ya you would think. They need to detach abilities and just release characters and just add abilities to them in horde in a later update. And also a map here and there cause this 3 month process is not good at all. I prefer the content how they did it in gears 4 honestly


Ranked pvp is the elite game mode on gears of war and it should take priority from the developers etc. Unfortunately there is more money-making to be had developing horde and escape which has stretched TC and their time.

How is there more money to be made with Escape and Horde?

Being that the only thing you can buy are cosmetics and PvP has a higher population I would think theres more money to be made with that since you can sell more skins with the Swarm/Locust side


I’m going to assume you play a lot of pvp and proceed although I have a suspicion that you are more of a pve player and my remark has sparked your reply. Once many pvp players are happy with their character skin and weapon skin what can you sell him?

I play pvp 90% of the time and I play with the same character and skins. Most of my friends are the same and I’d add that the terminator is supposedly the most used skin on ranked pvp…

Maybe modes like arcade were the load outs or are different based on character might provide some money making by providing specific new characters but for ranked pvp what can really be sold?Unless they start putting pvp modes behind a paywall which would be a joke.

I can tell by your reply that you will no doubt argue but at least be open minded and see my point. Things like whacky skins, different character skins, new characters with new load outs, custom cards, funny marks etc are better suited to horde and escape were looking like a rainbow and being spotted across the map against AI doesn’t matter.

You say selling the swarm skins would make money in pvp?have you seen the difference in screen space the likes of the scion and speaker fill up compared to the likes of the terminator?I don’t see pvp players rushing to buy skins for scions and speakers which might even explain why TC have added so little customisation options for the swarm in store.

The fact so many players are running about as terminator on ranked pvp should tell you that most people will pick a practical looking character who provides a small size and visual advantage(not my opinion but a common one)over a crazy looking skin were they stand out…

Ultimately I’m only giving an opinion with a few ideas to back it up. You could well be right and I am simply putting too much weight in my own personal experiences and opinions of microtransaction potential in ranked pvp.

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I play mostly PvP but I do play horde and escape as well

I know a bunch of people that switch characters all the time in PvP. While yes a lot of people are playing as the terminator characters right now, I believe its because of 2 things 1) it does seem to have an advantage and 2) theres not a lot of swarm to choose from. It think the terminator craze will die out once people start getting their characters they love to play as

I myself usually stick with 3-4 different cog and 3 different locust characters. The only 1’s out now are Baird and the Locust Drone. But Im just going off of what Ive seen in the past.

It was just my opinion. I’m not saying you are wrong. Maybe there is more microtransaction opportunities to be had for TC in pvp but I still think that there is more room to charge for things on escape and horde.

Ultimately if they just add the backlog of classic characters still unavailable I think everyone will be happy regardless of what game mode it is.

I’m still waiting for myrrah dizzy Dom and Cole to name a few…

Yea just my opinion as well. But I do think that TC are biting themselves in the foot with this hero system. Because we have to wait for new characters to get abilities TC cant release skins at a good rate. If TC wouldnt have locked characters to horde they could drop characters and skins whenever

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That’s something we can agree on. I don’t play a lot of horde but when I did in the past it was nice just to pick a character and skin I liked and not have to worry about certain characters being tied to a class etc.

Playing as Terminator, really isn’t Cricket at all :wink:

Locusts Drone all the way for me, well 99% of the time until my beloved Queen arrived .

Also, do you even play Gears mate…:wink: never gets old.

Gears 4 had it simple … pick a role pick a character no ifs or buts,if I want all cole train soldiers so be it… and those stupid beacons in 5 are a waste of effort with no reward

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People would complain if their favourite character released and only playable in Versus.

Thats the problem. And thats what Ryan said during one of the dev streams awhile back. At the rate its going we’ll only get 2/3 new cog characters every 3 months. Its gonna take forever to bring fan favorites into this game. TC needs to reevaluate this whole system. The people have spoken and we dont like it


Ah but people have already spoken with their wallets by buying the Op 2 bundle…

I refuse to support a game I don’t enjoy, I’d happily throw money at 4, but 5? I don’t like what they’ve done, I want to be Engineer but I have to be Del :unamused: Let me be Kait Engineer! :angry:

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I still love escape, wish anyone had enough brain cells to play it :(.

Duffman_GB I didn’t say “do you even play gears “to him did I? I just queeried if he played pvp more or pve…

It never gets old how the majority of the frequent posters and the community veterans always give each other a little wink here and a suck up comment there to belittle the smaller voices on the forum when there is even a minor contrast in opinions…

You again! It was an injoke with Red. I “know him” and have played with him from Gears 4.

He is a great guy and player.

Why are you so defensive ? Take it easy.

Lol yeah at my expense and also not even relevant to what I said…

Me again? The other topic along with this one involved me posting first and you adding your two cents so in a way it should be me saying “you again”

Ok that is our interactions over. Take it easy.