Really tc? Unfair as can be

Was in a koth match and kicking butt too being sweaty and try hard for this raam challenge and beginning of round 2 my game crashed …so whatever usual on pc right…load game back up got back into match within time limit and then finished game out with 2-1…get back to main menu now I’m banned with no time limit…I didn’t even quit but system thinks so cuz game crash I get that…but why am I still banned even after joining back in within allotted time frame and why after the game

I mean you kinda did still screw over your team for that time you were restarting your game/pc.

I believe TC said you are still penalized for leaving even if you rejoin, but much less than you would be if you didn’t join back. Idk I think it’s fair, especially if you crash often,

But that’s just it I don’t crash often this was one of those random once in a blue times something went wrong mid game and I did my best to not screw my team or myself and get back in quickly…I didn’t even diagnose the crash but as I had recently did new updates to windows it could be related to that either way feel it’s unfair I did not quit purposefully and I didn’t just give up after I joined trying to do the right thing and never been banned for doing so prior

I can’t really call you a liar because recently I was suspended after a lobby dissolved and I have never quit lmao. Definitely could be a bug as many have experienced.


I still roll my eyes at the fact that they don’t have the courtesy to show a little grace toward their customers who suffer driver issues that still haven’t been fixed.

Interesting that you got banned after rejoining though. I was playing with some pc players who were crashing last week and they didn’t get banned so long as they rejoined. We even delayed the finish of a match to give one player time to come back.


Trust me I know lol and sad thing is I got an amd card so the driver crashes haven’t been a part of my experience since launch…truly think my crash is related to recent updates …but yes this is exactly why I’m calling it unfair…I know plenty of others who have had an internet hiccup or dog hit Xbox button (real story) or any other random event to cause one to exit game unintentionally but to appear as a quit…they never been banned for rejoining in time…what’s even weirder is how was I able to rejoin the game if I was “banned” after the crash…cuz I only got the pop up message after I finished the game and it went back to searching for match not once I reopened game from crash…just wish they never took out the timer in ban message so I can know when to get back to the grind :joy::joy: all is well this morning so far tho

I believe you about the dog thing. My weird cat loves to sniff anything illuminated and has turned off our Xboxes numerous times. Nothing like being near the end of a Horde, hearing that unique Xbox noise, and your screen goes black. :sweat_smile:


I was in the other room when my dog did it to my friends Xbox :joy: I heard the scream of noooooo way before I realized he wasn’t in game anymore