Really TC Omen rate

I can see this will be a typical horde event with the drops. 2 games of horde mania so far and 4 torque bows. Some things will never change with gears! O let me guess they’re aware of the problem and are working on it!

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It’s RNG based, the only problem is yours because you haven’t been lucky enough to get all the different skins. Just keep playing, you will eventually get them!

I wish I was that optomistic but this a common trend and now after 3 games 6 torque bows.

That sucks. Hopefully you’ll eventually get everything you want. Trouble with RNG is that every drop, it’s always a 1/4 chance of a particular weapon. There’s an infinite pool, so the odds don’t change. You just gotta keep at it.

I did two full runs and got the Retro (which I already had); a Longshot; and two Torque’s. Just need the Snub now.

At least you got lucky… here I got the same 2 retro lancer. Whatyaknow one of the skins that all of us already had. I bet they threw in the retro lancer so chances at new one are lower. Sucks

You should talk to him, maybe…

I wonder what that sleeping heavy got…

Just finished one run with a Torque Bow at 20, Longshot at 25. Only wanted the Snub, lol.

Hey we played a while ago. I knew I’ve seen your name b4 xD. Yeah probably not duplicates at all bah

Yes, it was tough.

Funny thing, Gears 3 horde kicks us much quicker for idling…

Weird he didt get kicked

What I really want to know is why am I getting a retro lancer which I got months ago?

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4 Longshot
3 Retro L:ancer
2 Torque Bow
0 Snub

1 run had both drops as a retro and the next run 2 longshots so rng is one thing but how is it ranged to get the same weapon in the same run when its 1/4 odds in runs back to back just like the OP got 3 runs of just torque bows. This reminds me of Feb when to get the third weapon i needed the dropshot it took 14 runs and the last omen event 8 hammerbursts in a row before getting the markza so not sure i can call this rng at this point as the soccer skins i only needed the lancer and i finally said ok ill try insane mode and bam got it so i am going to try insane mode next and if the snub drops for me go figure.

If I were Coalition, I’d finish giving the set before repeating old skins.


Lmao back to back retros back to back snubs…this is how TC gets to keep their player base giving us garbage drop rates so we keep playing and playing

Too good Syndrome is earnable by watching esports.

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Exactly. I’m all for giving people a 2nd chance to get them if they missed it but don’t do it by making it even harder for people who have played every event to complete the set.

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I just want the stuff they owe me. I played back when the skin drop was all jacked up. During the event of the gnasher,overkill and dropshot. Never got a one of them.

They did give me the lancers they owed me.

Update got a longshot finally but wait for it wave 25 to be followed by a yup you guessed it a torque bow which is number 8. Great post by the way gears!

My second run was same as the first, wave 20 Torque Bow; Wave 25 Longshot.
Trying again tomorrow after work.