Really, TC, how is this fair

This is why people complain about your game. This needs to be fixed and should already be fixed, I was on a squad of randoms with the following ranks: Onyx 3, Onyx 2 (me), Onyx 3, Onyx 1 and AFK Warrior/Quittard. Against a stack (I presume) of: Onyx 3, Diamond 4?, Onyx 3, Diamond 5, Diamond 5, so how exactly is this fair??? This is why 95% of your players have moved on, quit or whatever, the match was as much fun as getting a root canal, with Bamboo Shoots underneath your fingernails and having 100 people scrap a chalkboard with their fingertips. If this was my first Ranked Match it would be my last, and I look forward to seeing them again without their stack. And to all stacks I think you have NO SKILL, you’re not good, you’re just in a stack. If I offended you, good, let’s settle it on the Battle Ground and I am pointing at you with a finger, guess which one, because you’re nothing without your stack. TC, fix this, like yesterday, for crying out loud!!!

How exactly do yousuggest they should fix? How do you expect to rank up? Your solution is find friends to play with.

I don’t think everyone who plays in a stacked team is bad as a player! You are playing a team based game and you hardly should be angry with people for playing with their friends. Now I do agree you were put against an unfair team off of rank alone.