Really TC are you kidding me?!?

I just got disconnected and I joined back and then this happens. I just got done with a competitive penalty and I did my time. Now I’m getting negative 15,000 xp.


It’s becoming a pretty big problem for a lot of people. Has been happening to me as long as I’ve been playing Gears 4 and even more so to some friends of mine. In our case it’s an issue with the MS servers.
I really hope TC does the right thing and finally stops ignoring this. So far, they’ve shown zero concern though people are complaining about it every day.


TC posted on twitter they’re working on it, could be fixed tomorrow, next week or most likely never.

Common sense dictates they should put on hold the penalties until they fix whatever mess they created in the first place yet nothing so far. It takes 15-20 min to find a match and then the lobby dissolves and I get a suspension but hey, we got a new pack coming soon.

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Well, it doesn’t happen to me anymore severe as it was a week or two ago, but -51 credits stays like for month now…

Looks to me, including ignorance, as the soft way of ending “life cycle” of 4. First no support, then resources diverted to elsewhere, massive kill trades, massive input control delays, if you still remain persistent and not disgusted with high pings enough. There’s a solid playerbase deterrent.

But, they’ll be here to announce new cash collecting packs… TC why don’t you stay with cosplay and let somebody else rescue the MP Gears?

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