Really loving the new store content since OP4

just bought Ronin Karn for GC, Gilded Baird, and Vold Raam
hope they keep it up!

Gp is the rank system, Gc is the store currency :+1:.

I try not to buy characters right away as some of the voices r wrong. More so with some of the recent ones. Before u could check in customize but theres no speach until u buy it.

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I don’t pay much attention to the voices and I have a lot of gold so I had to spend lol

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Are a lot of you buying the Ronin Karn? I keep looking at it but just can’t pull the trigger. It doesn’t look that much different than the regular Karn and I’m not even sure it looks better. Hell, I’m second guessing a purchase even though it’s free. Can’t imagine actually paying real money for it.