Really Hoping TC is pulling a Hello Games

They have went dark and left us with one of the worst iterations of Gears of War we have ever had in Multiplayer. Playing alone is more stressful than it almost ever is fun, getting a group of friends together to play the game is hard because if you aren’t a iiBounciiEz, Movematiix, or Excelliiiiyys you probably aren’t playing this game. I love Gears no matter what garbage im playing but most people wont put up with it.

If I ever get a friend on this game it almost always results in everyone getting upset and wishing ■■■■ would go back to being fun instead of just stress because one person isn’t pulling their weight so the match is insanely lopsided.

Just hoping they have went dark because they need to avoid all the toxic behavior from the fan base and are creating a game we can all actually enjoy on every front, MP, Campaign, or Horde.


If you’re playing ranked with a team, and you don’t have multiple players absolutely tanking the Elo, the game requires you to callout like a scrim. The SBMM is torturous — and those players tanking the Elo are also probably going double negative most games.

It’s awful, I got invited to a stack after going against them. The second the round started they were literally acting like it was a scrim. Blew my mind, I always made jokes about people playing Ranked like that these days but its really what they’re doing. It’s insane.

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Ah yes… all the callouts we did on the EU servers lol

“free kill”

“idk what this kids doing, free kill”

“bozo, free kill”

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