Really annoyed by gears ranking system

seems like literally no matter what i cant seem to rank up. i win the vast majority of my games and mvp half of them at least as a bronze or silver while only playing against mainly onyx or diamond players. seems like for the vast difference in our ranks one would think that barely losing to high caliber teams would eventually boost your rank up a tier but apparently that isnt how the system works. or does it even work lol. irritated i just went from 55% to 24% even tho i won my last 10 matches. mvp on 7 of the last 10 games. won all 10 and lose 30% thats bs if you ask me.




that’s what I’d like to think too. but thats what’s going on for my game. its not just me who is having these issues i know a few people on the east coast at least having this issue. just seems like my wins aren’t amounting to anything for the last month and it really doesn’t make any sense. especially for anything bronze tier. makes absolutely 0 sense for someone to not be able to get out of bronze playing how i play

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Good guess.

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