Realistically Speaking

Gears 5 probably wont change their whole microtransactions any time soon cuz they shot themselves in the foot. They put gears 5 out for 2 dollars n lost majority of its revenue. A full fledge 60-100+ dollar game for 2 bucks. So until they make it up theyll have to sell basically everything. They wont say it but thats the reasoning. People forget that its still a business. Money need to be paid, time n resources. The fix is to simple lower the prices so that were not paying a crap ton for everything. So like 3 bucks to 5 for a character n 1 for banner n 50 cents for markers. Its STILL digital data. Theres no resupply or restock. Making it cheap will give them what they lost alot faster than ppl looking at what they got not n saying screw this.

I think you’ve got it all wrong.

Gears 5 Game Pass players are already gone. The ones left are the ones who paid full price because they’re Gears fans. They’ve already made the money that they would have made anyways. Don’t try to come up with excuses on their part.

Why would you think they made that up this quickly? Thats a ridiculous statement.

I dont think you understand. It wasnt TC’s choice to be on Gamepass. Microsoft is pushing gamepass and used Gears 5 to do it. All MS first party games will be out on Gamepass day 1 and has been like this since Forza Horizon 4. The next Halo will be out on gamepass day 1. Microsoft wants people to switch over to gamepass because its more money for them in the long run

Also @Buster_McTunder thats not 100% true. Theres a ton of people that extended their Live then got the GP deal and have no intention on buying Gears 5.


The experts figured out a long time ago that a $1 mtx isn’t going to sell 10 times as much as a $10 mtx.
The reality is that the majority of gamers aren’t going to buy mtx’s regardless of the price but a percentage of gamers will buy them regardless of the price.

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Yes that’s true, I for one am on Gamepass (why I never referred to myself, even though I bought the Kait remote.) But I almost did buy Gears 5, just to buy it to support the franchise. After the first week though I didn’t. But I know that among all of the fanbase there Has to be people out there who still bought the game even if they had Gamepass. And then taking in to account all the fans who had Gamepass for that first month and then are back to live (unless they did the extended trick as you mentioned) that bought the game to keep playing it.

So yeah, I doubt it’s 100% true but I’d think that they have a very high amount of sales, if not higher than Gears 4 at launch.

Disappointed isn’t a strong enough word to describe how the moronic long term fans who paid full damn price for the “Ultimate Edition” only to be met with, for the first time in Gears history, a barely playable bug-ridden game.

Yes, it’s natural for some problems to exist, Title Updates are common, but at this stage some of the issues are beyond ridiculous. Especially when you have Gears 4 right there. That thing between your ears? Use it. You threw all information about Gears and all the things you eventually got right about Gears 4 in the bin and kindly gave us this mess that barely resembles something actual Gears fans recognise and enjoy.

So thanks for the half-decent campaign but a big middle finger for your grand efforts in ruining traditional Gears aspects (the omen, execution button, curb stomp, weapon reticles, melee, weapon recoil…the list goes on.).

Give yourselves a good ol’ pat on the back, with a sledge hammer.


I also paid full price for the UE as I thought it would contain season pass for downloads as previous Gears games, only to realise that all was on offer was 4 days early access plus Halo and Terminator characters.
If I wanted to play a Halo character then I would play Halo , IMO these characters do not belong in a Gears game.
Early access was a complete mess for most of us because of the server failure.
Characters locked to skills doesn’t work if your trying for yourTOD IE say you need 20 gnasher kills as Marcus in Horde only to have your character changed at the last minute as no duplicates are allowed. And we wonder why players quit

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It was known for a while prior to launch that there was no season pass this time around and that maps and stuff would be free. There really was no reason for anyone to purchase the UE of this game as it would have been cheaper to just buy the standard and do the gamepass trial.

Also I dont think I ever saw a daily that specific. You either have to get 20 gnasher kills of 20 eliminations as Marcus. Which you can do 95% of dailies in COOP vs AI.

1 think that was brought up but I’m not 100% sure because I never ran into it is, if you load into a horde lobby and are lower then the other person with the duplicate you will be the one that’s forced to change


Did you not read any thing about Gears 5 leading up to the game?


Im On game pass.

So your point is wrong

Cannot. Tell. If. Sarcasm. Through. Text.

I wont buy any future gears if they keep stuff up like changing the ultimate character pass to the halo reach pack. (Yes originally the halo reach pack was listed as the ultimate character pack)

Which i thought was going to be like gears UE n have a whole bunch of chars. Ill be honest, if i had of preordered n saw this after, i would have demanded a refund. Going from an ult char pack, to 2 characters n mostly qeapon skins was a severly underhanded move n unlike what TC said. It was not “worth” the last minute reveal because its just another advertisement for halo reach in the mcc.

Im very glad i had gamepass. Or id be a very unhappy customer at launch.(more so than i am) lol

Like @ll_R_E_D_l mentioned Microsofts business model is providing great services because they ultimately provide a lot of profit over time. TC is backed by MS so any loss of sales from the game won’t hurt considering how much money they’re making from the millions of gamepass subscribers.

Also there’s Gamepass Ultimate now which honestly is the best gaming subscription deal on the market.

And before anyone says “oh but some people who paid a $1-2 for the service won’t continue using it after its done”. Yes and no. If Microsoft got at least 500-700k if not a million new subscribers to join in, if they can keep at least 200k of those that is still in ridiculous amount of annual revenue.

Its the same thing with Netflix, Disney and Amazon. They spend millions for original content to put on their service so people will subscribe to it.

And discussing the store. I 100% agree TC need to reduce they stupid prices in there. Its absolutely ridiculous a mark and weapon skin cost $2-3

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That isnt exactly true, I have friends who skipped buying the game due to game pass. Me, I’m an idiot who paid for the steelbook and also have game pass. My friends looked at me like I was dumb but the steelbook is nice regardless lol

I must admit I should have done my homework and checked what was on offer, as I would have not paid extra for the content . So my fault I guess

Stupidity got the better of me

Nope… I have game pass and this is how I play. I had a preorder at gamestop but the game was so bad I didnt want to spend the 60.

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