Ready to learn escape- how to start

Watch Neon Velocity on Youtube. He does many guides and updates them. I got a lot of help. And of course, when you meet good legit players, buddy up and communicate.

Yeah I watch and like his videos and Turner burners. Both have been a great place to learn along with the people from here. Taken a few days off gears and I completely frustrated the **** out of myself the last time I played.

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I assume you have watched the Master solo runs on there as well? You can learn from doing them even on lower difficulties, but I would not recommend to anyone to do them on Master unless they are super bored or a masochist after having tried it myself and done all but the Op 4 hives and The End(the latter because it’s just ridiculous and none of the classes I tried to make work were any use once I left the more reasonable section with the supply rooms, so I decided to ignore it for now).

Have you seen this thread?

I started it several months ago to talk about and rank Escape Hives in order of difficulty. I think quite a few people agree with the ranks broadly speaking but we also discussed differences of opinion on this.

It might be useful to have a look at. Maybe for your remaining Hives you could start your way up on some of the Hives which the community consider to be easier and work your way up? The ranking is all opinion obviously.

I have that thread bookmarked! Thanks. I really struggled with corruption as I worked on that as it was quite low ranked. I actually got a decent way through it solo with blade master but the run I finished with another person I was dreadful and carried! More than normal!

I reckon if you ask all Escape veterans, they’d tell you that they have an A Team for each hive, and they’d probably be quite similar. That’s not to say they can’t be done with a different choice of classes, just that these classes are considered the strongest possible option. This would probably be a good starting point for you - to go in with a recommended A Team, and as you get used to the hive and improve overall you’ll start to experiment with other classes and approach it differently.

For The Corruption, I personally think it’s a slightly lopsided hive in the sense that a decent Keegan/Tactician can carry everyone. There’s lots of red ammo boxes and frags in the supply rooms, and a Boomshot very early on. Throw in their Ammo Resupply ultimate and you’re swimming in explosives.

My A Team for Corruption would probably be Keegan/Tactician; Paduk/Nomad (as there’s a chainsaw early on and is great for crowd-controlling the Rejects) and Cole/Brawler (for general tankiness).

Marksman can be very good, but getting a Longshot is dependent on what enemy spawns you get (the first half gives you either Hunters; or Snipers) so it’s tied to RNG which I don’t like.


I tried to solo The Hive with Mechanic the other day. I made it to the helipad several times but I just couldn’t kill them all. Poor old Mechanic can’t hit hard enough. Maybe @TurnerBurner922 will pull it off one day.


I’ll have to level up my mechanic a little bit then I’ll give it a shot.