Ready to learn escape- how to start

Thanks. Even after all this time there are still lots of things I don’t know about Escape. Another thing I’ll admit now is that I didn’t really know “the way” or at times what I’m doing on some of the “easier,” and older hives such as Labyrinth, LE, The Blight, etc. but was able to stumble through anyway, lol. Goes to show you don’t really need to be at the “expert” level to Master the hives.

So where am I at and not clog the mutators thread with my escape woes.

5 maps mastered, don’t even know if they are easy or hard. Just been playing what’s available and what I’ve worked up to learning a map.
11 maps done so far on inconceivable, my target is to do them all at this level. Think masters with randoms is too hit and miss. For them and me. 24/32 done at some sort of level.

Decided to start on Ice Queen this morning. Set up a lobby on beginner and explained I was working my way up the levels. Moved up to elite and kept getting brawlers who ran miles ahead and died. Honestly 20- 30 times. Absolutely no patience. So desperate to solo bosses and then get ripped apart!

Other than that I’m seriously into this. At this rate it might extend gears 5 for me until Gears 8 comes out!


Sorry not to have been helpful when we met. I am a bit new on this tough map but it could have been ok with one or 2 more practice try. Keegan is useful with the Dropshot on this map (I took him cause I am still missing some shot with). Hope I could meet you on another day/map

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No mate it was fine, I had no problem with your game. I think we ran together when I was attempting one more try. I blew my fuse at myself.

Was the brawler in the game we played? If not then it was my last try. My son’s taken over the xbox so I can’t get on again for a bit but by all means join again. I’m more than happy to learn maps together, I’m far from a master!



Far from master on my side too especially on this one. Can’t remember if you were brawler. I was unable to revive you bc I was frozen. Popper finished the job. Ok for escape practicing next time

I was anchor, the brawler kept running on ahead and dying. There was literally no rush but it doesn’t stop him. Throwing himself into a bunch of grenadiers and dying repeatedly. I was just learning the lay out.

Ice Queen is one if the hardest hives in my opinion, so good luck with that! A few pointers for the harder difficulties:

(1) The venom is quick and deceptive on this map due to the angle and direction it approaches from. Some areas require you to loop around (e.g.: after you come off a bridge usually you have to loop back around underneath it) and as a result the venom can cut you off suddenly.

(2) The Relic Dropshot does not get explosive buffs so Tactician isn’t a particularly useful class beyond refilling it with Ammo Resupply every so often, but there’s enough red ammo boxes along the way anyway.

(3) There’s a Longshot early on so Fahz/Marksman is extremely useful and can clear enemy groups quickly and easily.

(4) The Grenadiers don’t stagger as easily from melee combos due to having the frontal shields. I’d suggest using a melee class like Brawler or Blademaster due to their burn/bleed attacks. In fact, Blademaster (and Marksman) would be in my A Team for this Hive.


Ice Queen used to be one of the hardest map. It’s definitely one of the smartest maps.
Marksman can wreck this map easily. In fact there are so many combinations of different classes that can work on this map. Even with some classes that people usually think are useless eg Robotics Expert, Architect, Medic.
I would suggest before doing it on Master, play on lower difficulty and learn the map. Remember that the type of enemies, location of spawns etc don’t change on Master. The only thing that’s different is the amount of damage the enemies deal.

Imho the unbeatable squad is definitely a Marksman, and either an Infiltrator. Blademaster or Brawler or even Protector.


Thanks for the tips.
Keegan choice was more ammo due to inaccuracy with Dropshot.
Venom is really fast and there is not enough room for hesitation.
I will try with fazh.
Shield grenadier can also managed with flash and meat shield. It seems the better option if no brawler is in the team

Haha first time I added the venom mutator it caught me out exactly as you described! Thanks as always for the tips.

Yeah I’ve been practicing on elite, definitely not master on this one for a long time. I’m happy just to do escape all on inconceivable and worry about masters down the line. It’s the issue for a newish starter like me. You start low down and people want to rush and not learn the map together or you play on a harder level incon+ and end up feeling like you have been carried or worse, mess it up for the more experienced players.

Just learning where the weapons are and what spawns for now.


You are doing great! Keep playing and you’ll be a pro in no time :slight_smile:


I wish they would let you invite friends to this game and use your cards. I have a ton of friends that would absolutely love escape say on a saturday evening (like they loved the challenge of the old spec ops on COD vet difficulty) but won’t play it because playing once or twice per week isn’t good enough to rank up cards.

I myself was ready to ignore the mode if it wasn’t for people on here encouraging me to try it. This forum has a lot of negativity that gets on my bits some times, but the Escape and PVE community, youtube videos, advice etc has been a massive positive for me in this awful year :slight_smile:

I can’t believe I’m watching youtube guides. :laughing:


We’ve all been there :slight_smile: I’m watching them too sometimes. Especially if someone does something new and unique.

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7 days later.

A good week after changing method to ignoring the daily the just playing a hive from beginner and edging my way up. Still think I’m an inconceivable player on this really, but I’ve edged up to 16/32 mastered due to some schooling from @SNAKEYWAKEY389 and @HerrKatzchen . Much appreciated, game is so much better with a mic user.

I start a beginner lobby and see what happens and who joins and roll with it. Today I picked what was supposed to be an easy one. The corruption. Using blademaster, my CQC skills really need some work. I’m just so poor knowing when to melee and when to know that’s enough hits. I sometimes, well no often press b when I should be meat shielding.

Up to elite on corruption, paused to watch a few videos and going back in…

Edit up to insane and as there are only 5 escape lobbies right now and two of them are surge runs I’ve had to try and solo this. Got quite far in the 2nd act but I really struggle when I have to push up to a bunch of elite drones and torque bows.

Wondering if I should drop Blade dancer for Venom resistance?


I plan to do the same process but due to a lack of patience I just watch the solo run on YT from some of the best players (again many thanks to the community for such materials … you will recognize yourself :wink:) and jump in some custom lobby.
But I stay under master difficulty as i know my current limits and I don’t want to be a dead weight.
I hope we will meet again in some hives soon.

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I pretty much always use Venom Resistance for Blademaster. When I use Blademaster I’m a stickler for the venom and always try to stay in it. In my opinion the Blademaster is disproportionately reliant on the venom compared to the other characters who have venom cards. The difference venom makes is such a big thing.

I typically favour:

Venom Blade
Venom Resistance
Thrill Of The Hunt
Shock Chain

And my final card depends, but is either Mid-Range Deflect, Brawler, or Blade Dancer.

As some general advice, Blade Dancer relies on you chaining kills (not melee hits) in a short space of time to build up the damage stacks. I’d only use it on Hives where there are larger numbers of enemies. The Warren and The Detour are good hives for it as there’s lots of Juvies (or Leeches). But for say, The Line which features alot fewer enemies, I’d discourage using it as you’re facing a much smaller number of enemies (albeit, much stronger individually as they’re Scions). Also I’d only use Blade Dancer at higher levels - probably level 4+. I think the main thing to think about, is how many kills would it take before the Blade Dancer card matches or exceeds the damage your Brawler card does? If it’s about 3-4 kills and the Hive has lots of enemies on it, then Blade Dancer is worth using.

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Venom Blade / Thrill / Venom Res should be a stable. Usually I bring Short Range and the 5th can be whatever I feel like for the current hive. I only drop Short Range when I have at least 1 other player and need things to die ASAP - Line or Warren would be good examples.

Brawler and Blade Dancer usually aren’t needed with how stupidly strong the bleeding is at Lv5/6.

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Thanks guys I will do some re-spec and try again. I think most of my cards are 5 or 6 after I leveled the class in horde.


Another note about Blademaster is to keep on testing different strategies against troublesome enemies. I. e. go into The Line, on whichever difficulty your comfortable with, an practice melee attacks on the Scions. Go into The Clock and practice against Juvies, Rejects and/or Elite Grenadiers. Through muscle memory you’ll be surprised how adaptive you become.


Yeah totally agree. The more you play the more you adapt and eventually these things will come almost naturally. Some people take longer than others, and it’s not a total “sixth sense” thing - you still consciously think, but the way you assess and process information becomes quicker and better.

@dannyjo22 Just to add another bit of advice which is relevant for the Blademaster - learn to trust the bleed damage. It’s deceptively very strong, albeit, it obviously takes time for the damage to tick away the enemy’s health. It’s very relevant for the Blademaster (and Infiltrator) as often you learn when you can leave an enemy to bleed to death. Over time you’ll learn to estimate this accurately. Obviously with Blademaster’s new passive of restoring health per melee or bleed kills there are benefits to killing enemies quickly to restore health, but sometimes it just works if you rush an enemy position, cut an enemy, move on to the next enemy, and so on and leave a trail of bleeding enemies who will all die soon. That’s why some players say that damage cards like Brawler or Blade Dancer aren’t necessary because the bleed from Venom Blade does most of the work for you.