Ready to learn escape- how to start

I’m also in Europe so that would be great, back to work tomorrow for a couple of day then I am done until Christmas so will have lots of time to hook up for some games :slight_smile:

So started my Escape apprenticeship today after @SPARGELKOHL and @NoLmtSoldier let me join in their game. Such a different beast to other modes I’ve played over the years. Thinking about not shooting and using a less effective weapon than your team mate and holding fire for something else coming.

When no one is on I will run the maps daily on advanced and play higher where there is some communication, because that stood out to me most of all, comms is so much more important than even horde at master.

I find it much more nerve wracking when two have gone down than horde but first steps made :slight_smile:


Okay, then we at least don’t have any issues regarding time. I work daily mon-fri but am usually on at nights and weekends. Also around christmas I’ll have a week or two off. We’ll see if we can get something going. Maybe it’s finally time to get into Escape.

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Happy to have you. Come play again sometime!

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I know that, nomad and veteran are my 2 favorite classes. I was just using it as an example. Medic also has a custom lancer card but I meant like a class that isn’t using it to max potential like an anchor or brawler picking it up when a nomad of vet are in the group

Stratagems aside, it helps immensely to play with friends who you can communicate with, but even then some hives are pretty hard, can’t count how many times I failed the Gatekeepers even with a solid squad, at least running 3 Batistas was entertaining in its own right. :joy:

Have a few tried on the daily hive only at advanced level. Got passed the safe room with randoms. Do the enemies ever stop on the gun sections? It feels like COD2 campaign where they would keep spawning until you hit an invisible line on the map :grin:

I think that ones a bit tough for a noob like me :slight_smile: By the time it come round again hopefully I can kick it’s ■■■■!

The enemies on Onslaught do stop spawning eventually… but there’s a lot of them and the second act is so ridiculous that even players who I know/can tell are good struggle with it because it’s poorly designed and the venom closes in too quickly to clear everything out, or just choose to cheese it. So far I haven’t found a reliable strategy to beat it on Master or Inconceivable. Except cheesing it by basically running past and only having to clear a few Claw Drones out of the way.

Ah that’s why I thought I was not triggering something, the venom coming in and it felt like infinite spawning. Thanks.

I added you. I love escape. I’m not masterful but I don’t out right suck.
If I see you on I’ll try to join you


There are a lot of valuable skills to be learned from Escape, with the mode being different from Horde. Instead of camping, you are mostly always pushing, with limited resources. Therefore knowing how to dip, duck, and dodge your way to enemies while being able to eliminate them with as little ammo as possible is a key thing to master in Escape. So here are some of my own tips add to the discussion:

#1 : Learn how to melee combo drones and DBs with what TC calls ‘Close Cover Combat’. Basically, this involves trying to stun the above enemy types into allowing you to either execute or meatshield them. Mantle kicks, cover yanks, and of course the 3-hit melee combo (tap B, tap, B, then hold B to stun them) all are part of this. Allows you to save ammo, defend yourself in a pinch, and essentially instant kill drones and DBs.

Note that this does require a bit of studying on how the enemies behave. You will want to carefully work your way in close enough without getting shot, and wait for the enemies to either take cover or reload. For Grenadiers, wait for them to get close enough and then bait them into wasting a shot, which will give you an opening to rush them and then combo them.

Also, note that all Elite types of drones (Claws, Embars, Overkills, and Torque Bows) will NOT flinch from the first 2 melee swipes in the combo and will just try to punch you back before you can hit the last melee to stun them. For these enemies, it is best to wait for them to reload, or mantle kick/cover yank them.

It is typically better to meatshield drones if possible. Unless playing as Veteran, Nomad, or Inflitrator where executions have benefits, it is always safer to meatshield because it is faster, can be quickly dropped by switching weapons, and the body will briefly protect you. An advanced trick is to combo and meatshield a drone, bait the next into shooting off the body out of your your hands, and instantly start comboing them too. Note that DeeBees CANNOT be meatshielded, only executed.

Lastly, Flashbang grenades are your best friend in Close Cover Combat. Any stunned drone or DB can be instantly executed or meatshielded after hitting them with a flash. Not to mention, these awesome grenades open up a free opportunity to do lots of damage to bigger enemies such as Scions, DR -1s, and Pouncers. Elite Grenadiers will give you a free Flashbang grenade when you meatshield them. Allowing you to easily chain flashing and meatshielding when there are multiple.

#2: Active reload for more damage, always, to kill faster and save ammo. All classes, even at level 1 on Master, can 1-shot headshot all drones (except Grenadiers because of the helmets) and DBs with an Active reloaded Longshot. So grab those whenever you can. Also, Active Embars will stun enemies, allowing for free damage or melee combos.

#3: Have one person pick up 1 of each weapon and take all the ammo, then drop one or share ammo. For example, if there is a Longshot and Gnasher, and you you have both Inflitrator and Marksman, it is BETTER for someone to GRAB BOTH at first INSTEAD of each grabbing one weapon and splitting boxes. You will get a lot more ammo for the team this way and not be as starved. All three players can grab a Longshot, but only one should usually grab ammo and then share that ammo. Unless everyone somehow has the same guns, or when the team splits up to save time. Any class with a good Boltok pistol will usually have priority due to the damage that gun can do if it is allowed to pickup ammo or is given some.

Note that a lot of these tips can be done even with level 1 classes, so that it isn’t quite as necessary to grind levels as one might think. Also shows how much the ‘wrong’ classes can help even if they otherwise don’t have much to offer in a specific hive. All going hand in hand with learning the hive maps and different enemy spawn rolls for each chapter. Which means that when you DO level up your classes, you will be an even better player.

I hope that this all helps!


Very good advise up ! I am really surprised that even at high level, too few people are marking enemies. Marking should always be done to help others but also to get a (little) bonus in score.
No need to say that when playing with a demolition class, it is a must to maximise his ultimate.

I think chasing the daily hive is not doing me any favours. I think I need to pick a hive and keep going on it until I can do it on Inconceivable, I just find those daily rewards too tempting!

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Hmmmm… interesting that it may not be working out. But perhaps you could work your way up the difficulty for each one each day? Instead of going straight to Inconceivable or Master, you could maybe start with some of the easier difficulties to kinda briefly practice the map prior to ramping it up. But IDK.

I think that the daily rewards are great! Good incentive for people to try other hives instead of just lamely farming the Surge by playing it completely wrong lol. Also a great reason for more experienced players to do some of the more difficult hives again.

It won’t hurt to do a single one over and over just to practice, but they are all different. Some drastically so. It really is a matter of getting the basics down (I mentioned these in my previous post), as well as more advanced things like team composition and class synergy. Many maps also require very methodical and coordinated play. I wish you luck! Hope you keep trying, because Escape is IMO very underrated.

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In escape it’s the case of “less is more” IMO. Just being competent is enough if you find the right people. Often all that’s required is watching someone’s back who knows what they’re doing. For instance, bulldozed Last Stand with different sets of randoms last night as my Tactician/Keegan. Granted, first few tries were failures, but all it took was finding people who realized their only job was to escort me to the second act and then we were knocking Master and Incon runs down like it was beginner. Last Stand was worth doing on Masters, too, at least for the first run as the XP boost was similar to the weekly hives (instantly go from 18 to 19). From now on when I see the XP boost I’m shooting for a Masters finish. It’s not always me doing the heavy lifting either. It can go both ways. Just the night before, I was cursed by getting put in Blight lobbies with people not knowing what they’re doing. Almost thought of asking someone from here to join me I was so frustrated. Then, I lucked out when I got into a room with a dude who had it down pat with his Demolitions class with the frag planting ability. Literally all I had to do was follow him around and get carried.

Playing the surge legitimately on master for a score run is the worst thing I’ve ever done.

@dannyjo22 Stay away from master surge lol.


I think what TC should do, is to drop all weekly Hives/Horde maps at the start of the week in one go. That way players can plan around it, and people who don’t get to play everyday can binge out and not lose out on any challenges and rewards. But I guess the whole point is that TC want players to play daily.

If he does that would he miss out on the massive CXP boost drops though? I suppose if his characters are already at 20 it wouldn’t matter. A lot of people seem to already have their classes maxed out, probably from playing tons of horde. I can’t stand horde. Only have a few classes at 19 so far, so when those CXP boosts pop up they’re looking juicy to me.

Yeah the TRUE Surge experience is definitely an intense challenge. Is one of the more difficult ones I believe. But is actually mostly pretty fair about it IMO. The Surge is great practice for big drawn-out fights and has a large variety of enemy types at the same time, all simultaneously throw at you at once. This hive will certainly force newer players to learn how to prioritize their targets and weave through the battlefield.

It pains me that the map is abused so much to ‘farm’. Ugh that is what Venom Run should have been IMO. The defacto literal speedrun map.

I could see the merit in that suggestion. But yeah, we all know that they want daily player retention. IMO I do think that they are going about it in a great way though.

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To be honest, I’m not sure. But they are still pretty nice chunks of XP regardless. But my primary suggestion is that instead of not bothering because it isn’t ‘working out’, he could just meet the challenges halfway by going through the lower difficulties first.

And also, if one is legitimately trying to get better at and actually enjoy Escape, taking it a step at a time is IMO probably better and easier for learning the mode in the long run, I think.