Reactor in competitive

I think they should modify the reactor map for the competitive one, since a map is made to camp and back throughout the game.


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if any map needs a revision it’s Pahanu.


Modify how? I works just fine in KOTH and Gridiron, haven’t played much of other modes on it.

Ummm… have you played blood drive? Lol


Agreed, an absolute lancer fest shocker with zero cover

I need an English to English translator please

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Why this map keeps returning is beyond me. FML.

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Dana said it was the most picked map according to metrics. (in geasr4)

Didn’t you know the best way to make decisions is by looking at algorithms and basing decisions off of that? :wink:


Reactor is a really good map, Love it on KOTH. Yeah people lancer but is not something that cant be countered.

Huh? People camp on it and only use lancer? the games I have played on it have all been close combat and no one camped

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Reactor is one of the least lancer heavy maps I’ve seen, it has tons of twists and turns so there always seems to be ways to flank or to go for a break, in Gears 5 every map can become a lancer fest but you just need to think up ways to counter it.

You know how it goes. Someone accidentally switches to their lancer and then all of the sudden everyone condemns it as a lancer heavy map