Reaching Gears 5 Re-Up 50 Lv. 100

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Well done m8👍

Nice. I saw another Re-up 50 yesterday, As far as I know, there’s like 5+ people at 50 so far.

There’s probably more than that out there who don’t use forums, social media or anything else.

Yes. I meant from what I’ve seen and the minimum,

All I’m reminded of whenever I see someone with Reup 50 is the colossal amount of XP required to get there, relative to where I am, which is kind of discouraging to say the least.

I wonder if it’s mathematically possible for someone to have got to re-up 50 without using some form of exploit/glitch…

Not got the time or want to bother working it out.

For all the masochists out there going for reup 50, I am willing to come to your place and kick you in the balls for free. I d have fun and Id save you a lot of time.


Theoretically, if given enough time and only playing Master matches, or grinding Methodical, Hat Trick and Hail Mary ribbons in solo Escape matches, yes.

But it takes a hell of a lot of time, even with Boost. There’s certainly nothing out there that compares to the Death From Beyond farming which could be used to get a single Reup within a day or even hours.

The most I’m seeing on my friends list is people in the 30s. Aside from Pup of course…

While it’s possible to have reached 50, it will be more probable after the games been out over a year for even the most hardcore gamers.

Don’t be, from what I’ve seen and heard so far most people people didn’t get this legit.


Don’t be… discouraged, or encouraged? Because even with me being nearly halfway through Reup 22, if I wanted to get Reup 50 in a timely manner I’d likely have to have Boost all the time(which I could have but don’t intend to renew it until Op 4 starts), dedicate all of what is supposed to be my fun time to mindlessly grinding Escape ribbons(as I have no interest in doing the “Get 1 ribbon, restart, back out to lobby, rinse and repeat” thing) with TCs “new and improved” system that is actually less rewarding because any excess ribbons above their dumb milestone rewards for a match go to waste, unlike individual ribbons awarding XP like in Gears 4, and I’d still probably not be there until TC change the needed XP requirements if they ever do.

As it is, it seems way too effort intensive to be bothered with even if I kinda want to get there as a personal goal. It just doesn’t feel worth giving up any potential fun I might have playing because TC can’t design a proper progression system that doesn’t punish you for playing normally instead of looking for XP exploits or grinding your soul down to an empty void. But even Gears 4 wasn’t this bad with a more rewarding ribbon system, XP bounties and consecutive wave bonuses. Even if it took more XP to level up the Horde XP gains were also about 6-10x higher than they are now so it kind of compensated for that.

So once TC get themselves to make this seemingly not so difficult change I might consider whether it is actually more feasible to reach the max Reup or not.

I think people don’t understand what was legit and what wasn’t, especially when they didn’t do it themselves. DFB was very similar to Sniper Striking in Gears 4 Horde for Ribbons and Credit. Which also isn’t something I’d point out and label as not legit. In my opinion, what isn’t legit is using scripts. Both me and Pup spent extensive amount of time at the controller, simply boosting / grinding, just like how you would in any other game. And like how people boost / grind cards. I’ve no idea how that guy or girl in OP made it to 50.


Running the Escape-method by itself while being afk certainly isn’t legit.

I agree with you on that. There was a certain player way higher Re-up than me and Pup at the time. Then we overtook them the legit and super fast way. :wink:

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Well that’s not what I’m doing. In my case I referred to actually completing hives to the end for getting 16 or more ribbons. Not running a bot program or script for the First ribbon farming(not that I would know how to set it up or want to do that). Nor afking around.

But it still isn’t exactly quality entertainment to run the same hive over and over again just to get ribbons.

And according to TC farming DFB was an “exploit” because it was getting people leveled faster than they wanted. “Out of line with XP gain expectations”… not that I consider it as such when you have such extreme requirements and very few people would have gone to the lengths of doing this grind within 1-2 months with that ribbon in Horde.

No current reup 50 method is legitimate and any method they bother patching might aswell also be considered cheating.

I think it was more of a loophole. Their Ribbon system kind of allowed it and all they did was make DFB once per wave. Some may think it was cheating the Ribbon system but it took creativity to figure it out.

At the moment, some do multi Hail Mary Ribbons with Boomshot and Salvo or Silverback Salvo for majority of the Ribbons. Would you consider this as an exploit and cheating the Ribbons? It was the same for DFB, just getting many of them. If they want to patch Hail Mary, they may as well make it once per Escape match or once per Horde wave. That is basically the next Ribbon that may not fit in line with their XP expectations.

Cheating is inherently creative.

At that point, you might as well not have any ribbons at all, if you can only get a select few.

The ribbon system has contributed to many xp methods in Gears 4 and Gears 5 (and probably Gears 3 and Judgment). I wouldn’t be surprised if they don’t give xp at all at some point, or if they take it away entirely.