Reached level 100 - Now What?

So I just reached level 100, I see a “Re-up” option. Do I dare erase in a second What I’ve been working for so long? Benefits to this? Do I have to start all over with everything?


Literally nothing changes except you get a (singular) Desert camo weapon skin and then you get to do it all over again from level 1. Oh and it takes slightly longer than before. Because that’s TC’s idea of a fun and rewarding leveling system I guess.

That said, you’re better off Re-Uping than sitting at 100.

Oh your first Re-Up might just be a blood spray, I can’t remember. Something underwheming.

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Thanks…I’m left quite dissatisfied this Thanksgiving weekend

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You literally get nothing for leveling up to 100 or for reuping. Whatever you decide to do means nothing, so just do what you feel like. If you want achievements, go ahead and reup.

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Thanks, yeah I wish this game was the real deal…shame


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Enjoy your well earned reward.

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At least it denotes how many times one re ups under the current level. That’s the least they could do. Still guys, I can’t find myself playing this darn game. Not in the pic but now it does after I re uped

The reup rewards in 5 are garbage

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Stop showing off🤣

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Is that an insult to garbage🤣

Lol yeah maybe-I apologise to any garbage that has been offended by my comparison


It gets so hard to level up later on as well. I hit re up 15 yesterday . Did a 1-50 on incon straight after and got a whopping 4 levels, with double xp boost :cry: