Re-ups for Gears 5

Can we please go back to actually getting a wings icon for our level it was unique in gears 3 and I loved the color scheme I’d love to see it in gears 5 wasn’t a big fan of the colors or icons in gears 4 but that’s my opinion anyone else agree?


I like the original Gears 4 wings.

What I dislike is the absurd amount of xp to earn 'em.


Why? I feel a medal style wing is far better. Just dont like boxed up wing tbh


Matter of taste?

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Gears 3 wings were so nice, and now we have this garbage system in Gears 4 lol. Looked way more clean and rewarding in Gears 3. Hopefully they copy and paste for Gears 5.


It would be nice to go back to GoW2-era ranks that end on the wings again…

Though if that’s asking too much, I’d prefer a return to wings as well, GoW4 is too bland and generic. You can also hardly tell people apart.

I mean, at least UE had some semblance of logic to the progression.

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Yeah I much preferred Gears 2 leveling system to anything else. Gears 3 is my next preference after that.

I loved how in Gears 2, there was no re-upping. Just one super long, simple grind to level 100. Nothing confusing about which re-up someone is at, etc.

It was so rewarding breaking into the next decade of ranks. Being in the 40s meant something. Then moving up to the 50s was like a whole other level, and so on. Now the numbers mean nothing.

The classic “you hit level 80, you’re half-way to wings!” hahaha.

I also meant the actual military ranks instead of numbers, I’d like to see Gears bring those back.

Have you ever noticed how Gears 2 had 1 to 100 Wings, Gears 3 had 3 Re-ups to 400, dunno about Judgment and UE but 4 stretches from 1 to 2,100 with 10 Re-ups and 10 Wings.
It’s always gone upwards.
I get the feeling that Gears 5 might have even more levels and Re-ups or Wings.

Its because GOW4 had to give some kind of system for peoples to still earn credits for all those packs they release. Whats really bad is the xp required in “wings” is based on horde speed runners and not on normal VS playing. I always completed every single GOW xp wise before this one. But even when it was Wing 5(RE-UP 15) the max, i knew i would never complete this one.

I can’t support horde grining anymore. Ill do horde for the new achievements cause of course there gonna be some for it but thats it… after that im done for horde… can’t stand it anymore. I had to farm it so much for the “classy!” achievements to earn credits… arggg

One new achievement is to finish horde with 5 classic characters, no?

Do you find it exciting after all this time from game release?

no one likes anything about gears 4 and neither do i… the only gears thing about gears 4 is the gameplay everything else was off.

I like the Gears 4 Re - Up better.

Yeah it always amazes me seeing high level wings emblem on some obviously horde try-hard then seeing on a death cam how he can’t even blindfire in VS MP gnasher close combats.

That’s exactly everything summed in short what’s wrong with this 4, It’s fake like a $200 bill.

Not everyone with Wings are terrible in Versus.

Terrible truly would be if all are…

Yup, I’m terrible at vs. So I keep away from it.

How about those wallbounce warriors who swarm on public horde events, always on higher difficulties, just looking for skins?

Very funny seeing those types going out there alone, trying to “Rambo” on Scions and being dropped in 2s… Then rage quitting.

Just so people know, I Just re-up for the first time and i realize it’s going to be a long time to get the 20 re-ups, i did the math and for each re-up you will need and extra 100 xp per level, so the second re-up is 1100xp, third 1200… and 20 is 3000 xp per level. on total you need 100,000 xp for first re-up and 300,000 for the 20th. for a grand total of 4.2 million xp. at first re-up you are a 2.38% of the total xp you need. And in my case i expended around 21 hours (189hours horde, 1 hour scape, and 1 hour versus) I guess once i get some good cards and i can do some speedruns on high level horde it will get faster