Re-ups cosmetics not received

I guess it was a little silly to expect all the new re-up changes to flow through perfectly. Based on the whats up that I read yesterday, im missing lots of cosmetics. I got some. But not all. I jumped up to re-up 28, which was nice. But dont have the team ice gnasher or any of the “get some” skins. I really didnt dig too much into what I didnt get, but totally tongue in cheek when I ask, “did anyone else not get what they were supposed to”?

We’ll be launching part two in 35 minutes, which will fire the retroactive rewards you should get.

Keep an eye out!


@TC_Kilo1062 I wanted to give you major props for the effort you are putting in with your job duties. I saw the appreciation thread someone created for you on Reddit…and it is well deserved. Its a thankless job sometimes. Just know their are players and fans out there that have noticed your work ethics. Their are still lots of people out there that love this Franchise and want to see it back where it should be. If everyone would adopt your attitude it wouldn’t take long. I even read someone played a random Horde match with you recently. Seeing Coalition employees actually playing the game is kind of an anomaly these days. Please keep up the good work.


It’s nice to see an actual response all I did was asked if the update was glitched or if I had to fill out a support ticket because I noticed I got some but not others and got nothing but stupid useless responses and my thread closed. Thanks for the info update kilo.

Well said! He is by far the best communicator I think we have had so far. Half the issues with TC is communication with the community. The other stuff well that’s a whole day conversation. Again @TC_Kilo1062 thank you and keep up the good work. I’d say most people @the-coalition should take lessons from your work ethic so far! Thanks again!


It’s the opposite for me: got the Rewards but everytime I hit re-up I’m still XX.

I was XXIII this morning, now XLIX :thinking:

I’m level 100 with the orange wing background, isn’t that re-up 50? I don’t have all of the Team Ice skins though.

The anya skin I bought with iron and skins I bought with coins today became locked again. Can you also check what’s the issue because I am not the only one.

@xenoglossy626 whats your issue? U were 22, now your 49?

Hey @TC_Kilo1062 … it’s almost 12 hours since you guys launched the re up changes and I’m still missing quite a few skins. Im not at re up 31 and I’m missing quite a few team ice skins along with the heroic Marcus skin (according to the list put out the other day by TC sera). Should I just give it time to receive the missing re up rewards or should I submit a ticket? I know these things take time and never go as planned, but I figured it’s now a while after the whole server issue & id just like to know if I should continue to wait or actually accept that some changes won’t happen without submitting a ticket.

Thanks in advance!

Have you gotten any of these now? :slight_smile:

@TC_Kilo1062 i know youve been swamped. Is the diagram about what re-up cosmetics go with what re-up level correct? It says team ice gnasher is a tier 25 re-up reward. Im at re-up 28 and it seems to be the one im still missing. Which quite frankly was the one I wanted the most. Besides the Marcus and Kantus which look awesome by the way. The re-uo xp changes were a really nice way to reward players for their loyalty to this game. Pass it on that its appreciated.

Not received a couple of the heroic assendant weapon skins

Team ice gnasher seems to be missing for many. Same with me at re up 30.


Same mate. I do have a Diamond Snub though?


I’m Reup 28 now, should I have got Kantus? I have MF?

I have a feeling based on what I’ve been looking at that the table may be wrong, if it is I’ll update the table and we’ll get the appropriate messaging out to everyone on what they should be.

@TC_Kilo1062 that is what i was kinda thinking. Table says team ice gnasher is re-up 25…

You’ve got the heroic kantus skin? :rofl:

How do they mess stuff up so bad