Re-up Wings appeared in versus

Does anyone have any current info on Re-Up Wings? I saw someone yesterday with wings in versus for the first time but have no clue what level he was. Currently I’m at re-up 5 lvl 100 as I didn’t know there was anything cool to work towards and I can’t find any info…

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There isn’t anything cool to work towards. The re-up rewards are pretty lackluster.

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Honestly the wings do look pretty good, and the fact that they’re at such a high level is good but I don’t think I’m gonna play that much Gears 5 tbh haha. Personally I’m not bothered about weapon skins so the individual rewards don’t interest me.

Edit: Also, much appreciated @Circa_Darkrage


They’re all bug abusers/ribbon grinders/script users so far, no legitimate high reups yet.


That is literally how you become one, lol.

Same as Gears 4.

If Ribbons give XP, it’s legitimate.

To get wings 1 in gears 4 didn’t actually require any cheating, horde gave adequate exp, ribbon boosting wasn’t too much faster depending on the situation.

Well at least ektope played some matches but wolfpup is a trash… Low level characters… Waiting for carry… Troll… Is the worst player I never knew

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Ektope definitely does still play, usually see him as I’m getting OG work at 5am using the same characters I’m grinding so I’ve never really gotten a thorough run in with him yet XD.

Neither have I. Every time I’ve met him, he’s quit during the hive’s loading screen…(or got disconnected, I better hope it’s this… :rage:)

I’ve played like 40+ hours of versus & im a measly level 21peasant :unamused:

I’ve gotten disconnected from games etc before, and I join Cronus lobbies of friends from time to time, coalition wants us all to play dirty :rofl::rofl::man_shrugging:t2:.

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I’d say 21 is not bad for that considering I have too much time spent playing PvE and still am only really at Reup 24…

Unless you actually mean Reup 0 Level 21 and not Reup 21, which would be an entirely different matter.


Given he is Masters in TDM he would mean reup 21.

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perfect 20k mastery rating in doubles shotguns, set the meta for multiple maps, had the most clears on master on half the maps consecutively 8 months into the game when I quit (and it was the hard ones btw), and constantly handed out carry-runs for fun, which many people can attest to. Stay jelly lol

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Lowlvl Clay with Re-up50.

I got to re up 50 before clay was released lmao.

try again.

Pitiful re up less than 100 horde matches pretty noob as well…