Re-up system, simple easy fix

I know people made a post about this but I’m not about to absolutely rip into the Coalition for this. I just re-uped and literally nothing happened, nothing to even show your work for, just a regular level one. I don’t mind the blood spray but add some more guys, a symbol like gears 4 or even a change in color. Please just update it, thank you.


Some iron would be nice

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Update there IS a visible re-up symbol. I believe it is currently glitched since I saw a bronze looking circle around my level for literally 5 seconds. Therefore coalition just patch that up, maybe add some more for re-ups though still,

the emblem is not bronze, the emblem is blue with roman numeral numbers on the bottom, u can see it in custom games

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Exactly. The bronze you’re seeing is related to your tour progression. Not re-up.

Sooo are they gonna fix the re up ? I hope they do bc I re upped and doesn’t even make me wanna grind no more

re-up 17 example :

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they will fix it soon