Re Up Rewards! Wuuut

Anyone know what the Rewards are? I have reupped once… and it just looks like in level 1? No background on your level while you play, cant find a banner no skin nothing


You get a Blood Spray for your hard work and dedication. Sad isn’t it. Someone else also said in the Forums Re Up 2 only gives you a Desert Camo skin for the Auto Pistol. It doesn’t even display anything on your rank or give you a special Banner. Makes you not want to grind so hard and put so much time into it since you can’t show it off.


Wow! It’s a joke! I Look like a new player… just silly


I agree with you. They could of added an emblem next to the Rank or changed the color.


Yeah, it’s pretty sad. After working hard to reach Re-Up 2, you’re rewarded the Desert camo Talon skin… That’s it. It’s not even a set for all of the weapons, let alone your loadout weapons. It’s such a waste of time. If it was like GoW3’s Re-Up but with better looking weapon skins for ALL weapons or our LOADOUT weapons, then I’d be impressed and willing to Re-Up, but I’ve lost interest due to these sad excuses for rewards.


Talon? Your serious? Damn…

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Yes, dead serious. The reward is a simple and uninspired skin for a single weapon that we’ll barely use. Damn, I’m sure people will notice that I’ve reached Re-Up 2 because I have the Desert camo Talon skin on, yeahhh boyy…!


Feels like we are being punished for playing the game

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Mmhm, it’s a shame. I don’t even have the urge to play, and this is coming from someone who just thought about playing GoW5 all day, weeks before it even released. I was obsessed with the thought of playing the new installment of my favorite IP, but all the hype was for naught, and I’m left disappointed with no incentive to play. I mean, they have campaign variations of the main characters locked behind limited-time medals (Which should be permanent like GoW3’s medals) and a botched battle pass that you’ll have to sink your heart and soul into or pull out your wallet in order to get the numerous amounts of lame cosmetics that they have for us in the ToD.

There is a copper tone outline that goes around your rank after re upping. It’s just not working properly

Comes in and out randomly


The said no loot boxes but the whipped out expensive skins, a Shoody ‘Battle Pass’ and filled it with garbage… new Mark symbols?! Blood sprays… yeah because everyone goes around looking at the floor after an execution… and banners… barely any weapon Skins barely any Character skins… bit of a mess, disappointed big time


3rd re-up is the Enforcer skin as a desert skin, same pattern as re-up 2.

It isn’t getting any better boys.


I heard about that from Octus. He also said something about a Roman Numeral being present, or something. I still have no incentive to Re-Up though, because the rewards are whack and shouldn’t even be considered rewards at all. Just cosmetic crap that no one wants. Who the hell wants a Bloodspray as a Re-Up reward? Sheesh’.


That came as no surprise. Yep, definitely not getting any better or convincing me that Re-Up’ing is worth the headache.


You don’t want to play the game at all now because the re-up rewards aren’t good enough?

You make it sound like the entire point of playing the game is for re-up rewards. I mean maybe it is but I’ve never heard anyone talk about it that way.

I never thought GOW4’s re-up rewards were all that. Certainly weren’t something that made me want to play just to attain them.

I mean I hit wings 4 and never did I do all that just for a few skins and elite packs or whatever. It just happened from playing. But that’s just me.

In my mind the re-ups just show others how much XP you’ve earned.

Sorry if I sound disrespectful as I certainly don’t mean to come across that way. To each their own.


I think you should get 50 iron for every 5 levels earned and 1000 iron for re-upping (increases by 1000 every tier of re-up) as currently levelling is 98% pointless, which makes boost pointless.


I still want to play the game, but I’ll be damned if I Re-Up. It’s just a waste of time at this point. TC just want to keep all of the good content in-game store and ToD so that they’re locked behind an monotonous grind. I’d go on, but I’ve already said this a million times today,

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You lose absolutely nothing for re-upping, so why be damned for doing it? You’re boycotting nothing. I don’t see what all the fuss is with this re-up nonsense, just re-up, it takes 5 seconds and boom done you’re back to playing with an extra skin or blood spray. It literally negatively impacts you in 0 way there’s no reason to be complaining. Especially not when leveling is THIS easy.

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I’ll boycott if I like. I’ll decide whether I want to Re-Up or not. It ain’t worth doing because every Re-Up will most likely be a s***** Desert camo skin for another gun. Re-Up or not, it doesn’t make me any better at the game, so if I want to Re-Up, I will.


I do agree.
the re up thing is wierd. Now i look like i just started playing. got supply drops with marks and bloodsprays.
Nothing showing that i did re-up. My friends though the game had bugged my level. Not a great feeling.

Supply drops are also a wierd occurrence. you get a circle filling up and shows you a card of crap when its done. You dont really realise what you got before its gone again. Then you get some scrap when you get a dupe. Its lame.

I got an expression for Marcus… And its bad… really bad.

They really need to do some cool stuff for this game. Not catering to the fortnite kids that are only going to play fortnite.

( the bloodsprays should be shown for the executed player when dead )