Re-Up rewards not tracking

Has anyone gotten the Get Some skins? I unlocked a bunch of the ice skins as well as some heroic ascendant skins in today’s update but it didn’t give me a single Get Some Skin

You just gotta check back update is in two parts there’s another thread where kilo explained it.

Re-up Rewards are going out at 11am PDT and may take a bit of time to show up.

I was re-up 23 and now 49??? But I didn’t get anything

Awesome thanks

It’s almost 12 hours since the second server update and I’m missing a lot of team ice skins along with the heroic Marcus skin (and any possible heroic weapon skin). I’m now re up 31.

Should I submit a ticket or just give it a few days to right itself? I dont want to sound like I’m adding to all the “tc messed up again” comments, so if waiting is the preferred method, I’d rather do that so it doesn’t add to all the messages that likely flooded in to you guys. What would you recommend? I see this all as a gift so not getting the new re up rewards ASAP isn’t a problem for me… I can wait a few weeks if needed… I just don’t wanna add to the stress over there. Thx in advance!