Re up rewards must be to troll us

How stupid is the tc makin every reup desert skins that most people wouldnt want for free? I wish i could scrap all of mine


Tour of Doody
Totem system
Supply Drops
Weekly rewards from ranks

There’s too many different reward systems in place and not enough content to fill them, what can you expect :man_shrugging:

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The Re-Up system in Gears 5 is a joke and that´s since the release of the game. TC should add iron for the Re-Ups and some nice weapon skins, but TC prefers to sell the good skins for horrible prices in the store (see the OP 2 pack for 19,99$).

The possibilities are there, but TC dont use them.

I also hate ■■■■ like having to play with a defined weapon skin to gain rewards. Why? Why do they want me to look crappy while playing? (E.g. DB weapons on Deebee totem).

So when you call peoole a moron your intention is not to insult them?

And you tell me to learn how to read?

By the way there is a medal under “Heroes” which says I should do 3000 eliminations as Mac, Keegan or Lahni. I played as them, eliminated enemies and got ZERO OF SEVENHUNDREDFIFTY (while it asks for 3000 in the text). So as everything is so well explained please tell me what I got wrong here.

And then, at least in the german version , when I go to ESCAPE medals it asks me to get 2500 kills in VERSUS. Whats that in your opinion you smart aleck, what am I reading wrong here?

But you ■■■■■ about me taking DB weapons for DB skinned weapons? Which is really not far fetched? And then you call persons a moron and wonder that they feel insulted?

You tell me to go to school again? Boy… I would be happy to buy you some books for all the money they throw at me at work…and that while having such a low comprehension. Who knows what I could earn if I was a smart guy :wink:

P.S.: And from here on please understand that I will not discuss mine or your mental condition any further as this forum is about …well, Gears.

And by the way…while I thank you for the clarification, you freak out even more. What the ■■■■ is wrong with. Maybe you just need some fresh air.