Re-up rewards aren’t rewarding

Just hit reup 7 and all I’ve received so far was a blood spray and desert camo for six weapons. Reup 2 and 3, btw, were the Talon and enforcer… lol. Why couldn’t they tie character skins, banners, or better looking weapon skins to re-ups?

Does anyone know if the unlocks get better? It seems like desert is going to be the reward till at least re-up 19, but is there anything else that’s unlocked later in the ranks? Cause this ■■■■ be disappointing as hell, fam


Only weapon skins

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well Im guessing 18 re ups are gonna be the desert camo skins so not sure Reup 20 will be

Your reward is to do it again the 8th time.

Enjoy bro, see ya on the niner


You kill me


complete trash there rewards

I haven’t Even bothered to re up Even once. What’s the point? LoL. I remember when you leveled up in G3 you unlocked characters. Here in G5 what you unlock is ■■■■■■ weapon skins. I mean, how hard can it be to listen to fans, and give them what they want?


It’s crazy how I enjoyed getting literal boxes as a re-up more than Gears 5. Probably because I loved UE and could play it for days.

… and you unlocked things for leveling up…

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I never got to play Ultimate Edition :frowning:

Instead, I jumped back into the sh*t with Gears 5. How lucky am I

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I got desert camo delivery Mac at re up 5 :scream: joking the re-up straight up suck

I’d like to see some better skins for loadout weapons introduced in reups. Also reups need to look better. Shouldn’t be just Roman numerals. Kinda lazy imo. I don’t know how else to say it. Other than that the progressional rank is supposed to be just that…show how much you’ve played. Right now it does that, but’s it’s very unattractive and barely noticeable if you aren’t looking for it on another player.

Honestly there is no way this game was ready for release. MS had to have decided just to push it out the door or TC was so over budget due to incompetent.

Lmao bruhhh

UE was great, fav Gears game ngl

If I recall correctly I saw one of the devs say on Twitter that it should get better after 20. I don’t know if it is already like that, or they meant they are working to make it like that with a future update.


“Reach level 100 20 times and it’ll get better”

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Pffft’, like I’ll ever get there. I’ve only re-upped once and I’ve already stopped playing the damn game for the time being.

Should’ve done it like Gears 3 and gave us a whole weapon skin set per re-up, or do something different and give us a character skin variation (Bikini Kait, ayee) every other re-up that are exclusive to re-ups for a sense of accomplishment.

For example, re-up 1 would give something like the complete Team Metal weapon skin set and re-up 2 would follow up with a Team Metal variation of one of the main characters like JD, Del, Kait, Marcus, etc.

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Hold. The. ■■■■. Up.

After re-up 20? How many re-ups are there?!?! And why do we have to wait that long to start getting proper compensation for all the time and effort to rank up?

Wow. Just - WOW.

Here, I did a little bit of digging on Twitter and found the Tweet I was referring to :

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A lot.

They were adding more too.

Re-ups might as well be uncapped at this point. You’re literally playing so the exp bar doesn’t stop.

Getting colorful wings was one thing but because we only had like 5, it at least meant you’d been playing the game for awhile and soon you started recognizing ppl that had been on GoW3 since launch.

With GoW4 and 5, it both lacks visual identification of any sort (bronze = reup one as opposed to slightly different colours or Roman numerals) and a sense of worth.