Re up question/issue

So has anyone ever noticed that while you need to re up that you still gain Xp but when you do re-up all the XP you earned past level 100 is washed away?

Like today. I was level 99 and wasn’t lacking much to re up.

So started a game of Juviefest. Reached level 100 before the first boss wave. Finished out the session with everyone I was playing with

Went to Re up and noticed I was way over the level 100 cap to re up. Clicked Re Up and all the EXTRA XP I HAD EARBED WAS JUST WASHED AWAY!!!

So the extra 40K in Xp I had earned - I lost - because i stayed with my crew and finished. By the thinking of The way it was setup I should’ve quit right the second I reached level 100

Could this be addressed??

Yea, I have friends that will leave a Horde and return after reupping so they don’t throw away that XP.
I never really cared about XP so I don’t worry too much about it but when I was short on credits I’d reup right away to get those CR bonuses when reaching level 5 and such.

I have noticed this.
It would be better if the extra XP was carried over to the next Re-up or Wings.
But 40k XP isn’t that much wasted.
It’s like two Sniper Strikes sessions on Wave 49.

With a manual re-up required I do not think this would be possible. A simple fix would be to re-up automatically as soon as you gain the required XP.

I understand your concern, but if you’re playing Horde you’ll notice sooner rather than later that unless you’re playing casual or normal, 40K XP is the equivalent of 15 minutes play time.

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The amount of times I have re-up and still have a certain amount of Horde waves or VS rounds left is just annoying. I wish it would be automatic or at least be allowed to carry over XP instead of going to waste like that. I doubt anything will be done in this version but it is something worth adding to the next and something that will probably be appreciated by the community.

There’s a ton of us that made it to re-up 10 well before they introduced the next set of re-ups.
I’ve always wondered how much XP I lost…


But in the end that would mean credits and new emblems/icons (some nice, some ugly).

Import is to play well and have fun.

Lol I was just using a general figure. I was well above the requirement for Re up. But it’s annoying that all that XP is just lost and washed down the drain. So basically if your playing a public match - you get screwed or screw your team.

I’m also not a guy who plays insane or Inchon just never got into it and my card stacks don’t seem good enough.

Just spend a fair amount of credits on horde packs and that will change.

Keep eye for packs with better rate on epics (and that drop at least rare cards, with minimum commum). They’re the best for scrap.

I had better luck on insane with boss card loot, on public. Incon just gives me crap.

Everything I spend is on operation packs or horde packs. I bought around 25 feral horde packs. Still didn’t help much. Lol

Marine cog was good for scrap, if I remember well

Horde pack is good for green cards (and scrap).

Yeah but aren’t most multi player games like that when you re up or prestige

But why does it go away? You earned it?

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