Re-up/prestige levels wtf

I have a few buddies who have re-up’d but nothing has changed visually, their level just reset to 1. There are no differences between them and a non re-up’d level one. Like there isn’t anyway of telling who has re-up’d or not… soooo what’s the point???


agreed no rewards crappy prestige icons and can’t even see them in game… like wtf

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Lol you’ve gotta be joking…this probably wasn’t intended or it’s glitched. There’s no way they’d do something so pointless and stupid right?

he is being serious no rewards for being Prestiged either besides a terrible blood spray

No we get a bllod splatter skin

Every gears has had a emblem/ text color that changes for each prestige/reup.

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Yooo same thing just happened to me. I just got re up 1 and all I got was a blood splatter. No changes to anything… this must be a glitch or something I hope. If not then they are messing up real bad.

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Just re upped after days of grinding and it just looks like I’m lvl 1… what a demotivator

That blood spray felt like TC was flipping me off.

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Im re up 6 still waiting you can see emblems in private pvp

Oh yeah I just got re up one 1 and I get this aids blood spray not it that but I try to show someone a day later and it’s gone I litterly got nothing out of this shoulda stayed level100 reup0

Can’t believe this I just reuped , can you guys please change this

If you jump into a private lobby you can see a circle around your rank with the number 1 underneath it. It’s the only place I’ve been able to see it after re-up 1. Other than that it just looks like a normal level.

you were reup 6 7 days ago lol what! what reup are you now?

When is the going to be fixed TC? Clearly if you are monitoring this site then you see people are losing motivation to re up, and if they lose motivation to re up it won’t be long before they lose motivation to play the game period. The game has been put two weeks now and you haven’t fixed a simple background behind our ranks? Like wtf are you doing seriously…get it fixed, there’s not a single excuse in the world for this nonsense.

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In the major bug fix patch targetting early October.

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It seems like TC made such an effort to build a great game but ruined it by not including a majority of things that were good from Gears 4. Showing the badge from re-up 5 or 6 or 7 or whatever was great. I honestly miss the setup from Gears 4. I miss credits and crates where I could earn a multitude of skins and get 3 gold crates for re-upping and getting a nice badge. Now you get a blood spray. I mean I got a supply drop and a chicken marker came out. It’s so disappointing for what I find to be a relatively great game.

Can’t relate

yeah just i just re-up, googled if i mist something that i unlocked but this just sucks