Re-Up Jump ? What did you change to?


Do you reckon everyone will be at 50 by the time the xp event is over lol

23-24 might be the ones that get 50.

Is it normal to not have roman numerals when you hit 50?


I got a rock


I asked a friend who hit 50 (and it shows roman numerals). I asked him what does my tag says and he said level 25 no reup.

I went from Reup 41 to 50 totally maxed.

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I was Re Up 22 level 55 before the XP change. Logged in this evening now i’m Re Up 45 level 55, honestly wasn’t expecting it to jump up by that much xD.

I went to reup 22 after being reup 15

Idk what re-up I was since I barely grinded but I’m re-up 19 now. I’ve seemed to only have received like 5 team ice skins and everything else that was supposed to come before that has yet to be added in.

Ya got all the heroic and Kantus. Just missing most of the ice and marcus. I seen now they have a part 2 coming out so I’ll see after that roll out.

Yeah it prob be in the next 10,20 mins

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I was prestige 24 level 49 and am now “something”… I have Gold wings #53 in them.

Anyone know if these updates have happened yet?

I’m still stuck on Re-Up 23 Lv 100, Holding down the X button to re-up but nothing’s happening.

I went from re-up 25 to level 86, no re-up. :crazy_face:

Unless it’s a display bug.

The icon is relevant if you’re Reup 50 which shows no roman numeral.

It has a black background. That’s not how the re-up 50 looks is it?

No. Should have a red background with wings like the Legend ranks. Could just be a display issue because initially I was looking at a blank Reup icon as well before it properly displayd.

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Im still the same as i was, and my cards arent showing. - server problems? @TC_Kilo1062