Re-Up Jump ? What did you change to?

Did everyone go up as much as you thought you were going to?

I went from 50 to 50.


Lol. Did you get every weapon skin set from 1 to 50 that is in the new set.

I don’t see them yet. They’ll probably appear at 11am PT.

I went from 41 to 50.

is there a download?

EDIT: did you get boost?


31 to 50. Not that I care a lot about it right now.

I changed into a beautiful butterfly.


I went up from 14 to 20, honestly not as big of a jump as I thought but at least I’ll get Heroic Marcus whenever TC releases him.

Just restarting the game and going to the main menu reup should just change.

I went from 19 to 35 got the marcus skin, but i was nearly at 20 anyway. 5 or 6 team ice skins and no heroic ones. :joy: already issues lol

I went from 28 to 50 but are missing most of the ice skins plus heroic Markus. I restarted the game twice but still nothing has popped in.

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So I got boosted up to 20 but I didn’t get any skins for some reason, I know Heroic Marcus isn’t out just yet but I’m pretty sure I should have some Team Ice skins, right?

Did you get all the new heroic ones and the kantus ? if so there is defo issues

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I went from 31 to 50 and have all my Heroic weapons plus the (useless) Kantus.

Note: Please remember we’re launching the retroactive rewards for re-ups in about 35 minutes, during that time you’ll get the rewards you should have gotten, be patient :smiley:


Went from re-up 25 to re-up 50, got all heroic weapons skins plus Kantus, the others will show up at some point :laughing:

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Level XL = 40

According to the chart that was posted I should have been in the re-up 48 range (coming from re-up 22)

Instead I went from 22 to 42. @TC_Kilo1062 am I missing something or is there an error going on?

Edit: never mind I brain farted. I’m re-up 46 coming from 22.

No error here!, we didn’t give you the exact numbers except for re-up 30, so you’re likely slightly off in your calculations.

I went from a re up 27 rank 16, too a reup 100 apparently