Re-up is sorta broken

When you re-up your numbers just reset and you don’t get any kind of icon. During a few loading screens I noticed a circle around the number but it doesn’t show.

You get this poop color circle around your number

It’s pointless even doing it I thought there would be some sort of decent reward but it seems like we were all mistaken :joy::joy:

Don’t forget that amazing blood splatter :roll_eyes:

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Really tho. How do you mess up reups? Make the numbers or circle colorful And make them visible to other people maybe a medal or insignia. What doofus designed this?

This is a new one I’ve never seen happen with any other game on the market…ever. Good job.

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This is a known issue that TC is planning on fixing once higher priority issues are solved.

Closing as we already have thread son this issue.

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