Re-up extremely disappointing

I know I’ve seen someone else post about this but I didn’t know how bad it was until I got to re-up 1. It’s very disappointing. All you get is a blood spray. I thought at least like in 3 and 4 your level number changes back grounds to show what re-up you are. NO. There is no indication to anyone what re-up you are. How does gears 5 manage to lose simple features that the previous games had? I’m really starting to lose incentive to play it. Seriously @TC_Octus what the actual fucc?! UPDATE: so I’ve noticed it shows your re-up only in PvP lobby. Still disappointing. It should always show it in matches, in the menu etc. like previous games.


I totally agree. It’s ■■■■■■■■


Same here! After spending hours and hours thats the best they can come up with!

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Those two words describe my feeling of the new horde mode in general… I was thinking they would just keep it the same as 4 with a few more classes / new fortifications & characters.

Just re upped last night. Wow. So underwhelming no wings or any indication of my level. Just don’t understand why they would grant the most pointless reward ever for a re up.

I don’t think it even shows it in the lobby? Unless I’ve not seen anyone else Re-up yet, but it’s not showing for me. There’s no indication what your Re-up is at all as far as I can tell.