Re-up 30 Achievement

Just curious to know what you guys think of the re-up 30 achievements and the fact they may potentially rise it up to 40 or 50 with futur achievements.

Currently the re-up 20 has a 0.02% of peoples that unlocked it. re-up 30 has 0.01%.

I know there is peoples that play more than me, there is peoples wich is their only games, they play 4/5 hours every day with friends. I know cause i been there in the past. Still i play decently, i would say 1 horde per week lately, 1 vs bots friendship boosting (thats another story for another time on a VERY BAD achievement) and i usually play 1h or 2 with one of my friend on 2 vs 2 Gnasher on week days. I play “regulary” if i can say, even if nowhere near as much as back then on GOW1, GOW3 or UE.

Yet currently Re-up 15 lev 86 and i feel its taking forever. I get that they do this to sell boosters… Sad reality of today’s gaming. Maybe im a bit conservative but im fine with buying tons of games, buying DLCs, but litteraly buying XP that pretty much does nothing beside unlocking an achievement, to me its wrong.

Anyway. Have a friend on RE-UP 18 who did bough 3 months boost like 2 months ago and he told me its like double per level as what i need now on 15. I feel this is getting insane. I really want to get re-up 20 and i feel that even if GOW5 last 2 years only (4 lasted 3 years) i can “probably” achieve it? But i don’t see myself getting to 30 let alone if they add more re-up cheevos later.

GOW4 for instance i played a DAMN LOT, but the level/re-up system was completely unbalanced. You HAD to farm horde speed runs. By playing VS MP it would not rank fast once you reach re-up 10. It felt like i spent as much time from re-up 10 to 12 and a half than i did 1 to 10. But the difference is , only re-up 11 was required.

I won’t lie, it bothered me for the first time not maximizing a Gears totally. I mean ok sure there is a few medals in Judgment i didn’t fully complete as it was not required but otherwise i re-upped to max in every Gears before 4 and had all achievements. In GOW4 i only have 2 left (iron man, and maybe ill mustard up the courage to do that with the cheese method one day, i was just tired and sick of this campaign as i did it way too many times for cheevos) but overall i have the potential to at least maximize Gears 4 at 2000/2000 when i wanna go for it. Being re-up 12 out of what? i think it was 20 at some point but maybe they added more? ANYWAY i knew i would never reach it. Annoying but whatever…

But in 5 they added a cheevos for it and even if i keep playing G5 for 2 more years “regulary” (wich at some point i don’t think ill do as much, as i have less friends to play online than back then) i don’t see myself getting to 30 (or more)

My friends says escape is the only “decent” way to lev up and he is right, doing one escape on master seem to make me go almost a level, and with a good team it goes “fast” but here is the catch, one im not much an escape fan. Once in a while ok sure, but my friend boost it EVERY NIGHT for multiple hours and he is only re-up 18… YIKES !

I played 7 games of 2 vs 2 with my friend today, won all games and yet barely did one level… :\

I just feel they kinda go overboard with this re-up 30 cheevos. You need to play 5h a day, each day, buy double XP at all time of course… and yet you have to do this for a long time. I like Gears but i mean… i got gamepass, i have many games in backlog, i have…a life? Would be cool to not exagerate no?


On 15 you need 5000xp to level. On 18 you need 11000xp for a level. After 15 - 20 they messed up the math then after 20 it’s working all the way up to 50

They are planning to reduce the XP required for those Reups(or in general, I’m not sure), a change that feels like we’re going to wait for indefinitely because “it’s not a priority” for TC to go and fix their sh*tty grindy systems that were totally not designed for grind junkies that got to Reup 50 within the first 4-6 months of the game’s release.

The grind for that achive is down right pathetic even with boost, they are looking at the reup requirements but they never tell us when or what they r changing😒 same for ally xp.
19800 per lvl required for my current reup which is 31

Don’t get me wrong,It’s a big mountain to climb,Sadly never ever am I going to get to re-up 30,Struggling to get to Re-up 20,Currently it requires attention,When I don’t know,but wishing it could be sooner then later,With commitments outside of gaming/family,Keeping a roof over my family’s heads ,bills,I couldn’t get to 50 that’s for sure.:cry:

Don’t count on it bro.

Same goes for Allied honor reducement.

Will never happen.

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I’m on the same boat. Two weeks ago was re-up 20, my boost ended 3 days later and I’ll buy boost only when I get iron from ToD (So I have to wait many months).

I lost my faith on Gears 5 achievements when I knew about boost, sadly this get worse with the “new” re-up 30 achievement. I don’t play as much like I did for Gears 1 to UE, and for now I’m trying to get every skill card to level 5. The game lost the fun part long time ago for me, now it’s only for getting every Gears with 100% achievements (except Gears 2 JP y Gears UE PC)

Good luck to everyone who wants to get this achievement without boost or because they can’t (or don’t want because of boredom) play a lot


Re-up 30…isn’t it just crazy that that’s an actual thing now? Let’s not talk about the fact it goes to 50…

Gears 3 did it right by making it just 3 times and taking significantly longer. But then again, back then we all played primarily for enjoyment alone.

I understand the need for longevity in regards to progress, but it’s getting a bit ridiculous. It’s worsened by the fact you get insulting Re-up rewards for your efforts in Gears 5. Look for yourselves:

  1. 1st Blood Spray
  2. Desert Camo Talon
  3. Desert Camo Enforcer
  4. Desert Camo Retro Lancer
  5. Desert Camo Snub
  6. Desert Camo Markza
  7. Desert Camo Dropshot
  8. Desert Camo Overkill
  9. Desert Camo Lancer
  10. Desert Camo EMBAR
  11. Desert Camo Lancer GL
  12. Desert Camo Boomshot
  13. Desert Camo Breaker Mace
  14. Desert Camo Longshot
  15. Desert Camo Hammerburst
  16. Desert Camo Boltok
  17. Desert Camo Torque Bow
  18. Desert Camo Claw
  19. Art Deco Retro Lancer
  20. Desert Camo Gnasher
  21. Get Some! Talon
  22. Get Some! Hammerburst
  23. Get Some! Enforcer
  24. Get Some! Retro Lancer
  25. Get Some! Snub
  26. Get Some! Markza
  27. Get Some! Dropshot
  28. Get Some! Overkill
  29. Get Some! EMBAR
  30. Get Some Boomshot
  31. Get Some! Lancer
  32. Get Some! Breaker Mace
  33. Get Some! Longshot
  34. Get Some! Lancer GL
  35. Get Some! Boltok
  36. Get Some! Torque Bow
  37. Get Some! Claw
  38. Get Some! Gnasher
  39. Team Ice Enforcer
  40. Team Ice Breaker Mace
  41. Team Ice Markza
  42. Team Ice Dropshot
  43. Team Ice Overkill
  44. Team Ice Boomshot
  45. Team Ice Torque Bow
  46. Team Ice Claw
  47. Team Ice Boltok + Team Ice Talon
  48. Team Ice Longshot + Team Ice EMBAR
  49. Team Ice Lancer GL + Team Ice Retro Lancer + Team Ice Hammerburst
  50. Team Ice Lancer + Team Ice Gnasher + Team Ice Snub

At least in Gears 4 you were rewarded with Elite packs every Re-Up and credits in between ranks.

For the ridiculous amount of grinding required, it’s insane that it’s merely average weapon skins you’re rewarded with.

Let’s hope they don’t add achievements for higher levels, because unless you have an insane amount of free time, practically a fear of the outside world and took serious advantage of a Horde ribbon XP exploit before it was patched…then there’s little chance you’ll see Re-Up 20 let alone 50.


I kinda feel every new Gears is the devs team (even if they change from Gears to Gears) trying to outdo themselves/the peoples before in the achievement grinding departement. I never seen games that grindy other than Gears. I mean like i said i LOVE Gears, i play it A LOT, yet even for me its becoming excruciating. I get that achievements can’t all be just finishing a game on normal. I don’t mind some stuff taking time, hell i didn’t mind 10 000 Kills in either GOW1 or UE. Even lev 100 in Gow2, felt back then it took forever but i feel it was less over the top than nowadays…

And the biggest issues is XP is not dipatched equally. In 4 you had to speed run horde on inconceivable. In Gears 5 its all about escape. Even a Master horde wich take like 3 and a half to 4 hours (because we got to pick guns and smelt them at the end of every rounds because of cash damn mutator) feel unrewarding at the level i am at.

Gears 4 even in MP had that trend, KOTH was so much more rewarding than Guardian due to the ring cap/breaking paying more.

I wouldn’t count on them fixing anything to be honest, but it would be welcome if they did. The friendship achievement, the worst thing is that they “fixed” it but only for new friends. Logically your “Gears squad” are the ones you would play early on in the game right? So we are still requiring the whole thing to finish it (15 000 for last level is way over the top) And can i just say how wrong it is to put an achievement that require HUNDREDS of hours playing with the same peoples? One of our friend started hording with us for fun close to launch. Now he is kinda forced to continue with us because he know if he don’t we won’t have the courage to start over with another dude, even if that would be reduced. Not to mention how could we be sure that guy would commit too?

We are litteraly bot farming guardian in VS AI to finish that damn cheevos faster because even horde does not pay enough. My friend does not like/play MP on Gears, so its not like we have a squad to play every day for real. I only have one old time fiend wich i still play Gears with and like i say we do 2 vs 2 gnasher.


To get back on XP like i said even if it midly annoy me knowing i never maxed GOW4, ultimately im “ok” with them putting insane re-upping ammount for the hardcore dudes who only play gears and do it 6h a day etc. Fine… let them show off . But Xbox cheevos… they should be a bit more reasonable…

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I wasn’t making myself any expectations/illusions with my post. I didn’t say the wait would be indefinitely long for no reason because TC can’t make their damned minds up around what is a focus for them with some issues and what isn’t even though Allies and Reups complaints had quite a bit of support behind them. If they make a progression system at least have it make sense and not be a ridiculously absurd grind and then when you say you’re gonna change it, don’t just leave it hanging in the wind and give people a time frame for when to expect it. Not “It’s not a priority right now” which might currently just as well mean “We’re not going to do it in the next year or two before the game is nearly dead and the change is absolutely worthless”.

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The problem with re-up 20 is that the grind increases exponentially. Half way to re-up 20 from level 1 is re-up 17 level 37 or something like that.

Going from re-up 20 to re-up 30 feels like less of a grind, maybe because the xp you need doesn’t increase as much.

Gears 4 wasn’t anywhere near as bad. Mainly due to bounties which could speed up the grind. Getting to re-up 10 was a grind but it was doable, even Wings 1 was doable. It was grindy towards the end, and if you wanted to get past wings 3/4, you almost had to do speed runs. But no achievements were ever put on those. Wings 1 was enough, in my opinion. A grind, but a do-able one.

And, dare I say it, horde speed runs were more exciting than the best xp methods we have at the moment.

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Yeah its why i said this about Re-Up 11 (Wings 1), it wasn’t over the the top. I mean from 10 to 11 took time, 11 to 12 even more,after that it got insanely overlong but 11 was but doable.

At least with Speed runs they were fast and dynamic. Honestly sure the current horde has more different ways of playing, especially since they added Cole, Lizzy, Clay etc, but i feel some roles are almost locked in nescessary depending on difficulty. I kinda miss the Strikes wich i feel were really fun to do on Boss waves etc.

Its just really just Master i find really a big chore because it take so long. Spending 3h and a half, maybe more on one game really take a tole on me. I really hope they eventually change horde so maybe it get 30 waves instead of 50 but they grow harder faster, more action packed. Cause i feel really the first 10 waves are only a bit hard at times cause of the lack of defenses, the waves 11 to 20 are easy, and the 21 to 30 are usually easy as well. 31 to 40 depends on ennemies/base but 41 to 50 is where its at. Maybe at that point the issue is we are just tired and want it to end, so we are more distracted… i dunno. But ennemies are definately stronger.

Anyway to get back on re-ups, i really hope they change it and not in 1 year. My friend even if he currently farm like a madman and spend his nights farming escape, not even having fun, he said that if they push it one more time, he just stop it, not only he stop his track to 30 (unless he is really close by then) but he said he will never do 40 or 50 if its required. So if even him is saying nuff is enough, that mean something lol.

They will not change the numbers for the re-ups that’s for sure. What they can do is add experience on things like consecutive matches played on all pvp modes and horde waves completed on higher difficulties . They can add more earnable ribbons. They can give exp for stars gained. They can give a chunk of exp if playing consecutive days, weeks, months, years .

Except what was said by TC is that they were looking to reduce the XP curve. How they will do this they did not specify but if they just draw the entire thing out over more Reups, like they are doing with the Ally system, they effectively haven’t fixed anything.

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They could at least do more double XP weekends, can’t remember the last time they did that…


They have not even done a true 2x XP event and have only given out free Boost in Gears 5 which hasn’t really done much to improve XP gains of those who already had Boost when those happened.


The re-up rewards are so un-exciting and unattainable that they honestly aren’t worth treating like they’re real things. Team ice skins may be a little exciting however you have a better chance of getting a date with Beyonce than getting a complete set of team ice weapon skins now that the ability to do so has been nerfed.

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The thing with TC is that they can give out things like.

  • For all players that completed 20 re-ups before the rescaleing get a special bloodspray to use in escape and for all you players completed seriously 5 the first year gets a party hat emotion to use when becoming mvp in the winning team on escalation.

The trick is to care as much as they do or less.

They should ask everyone at the office what they would like as rewards for re-ups. And when hitting a bigger one such as 10-15-20-25-30. I do think the developers actually would come up with a cool list of proper rewards. Then they evaluate what’s possible and starts to create and implement it. ASAP.