Re-rolling bounties for iron

Can you remove or decrease thr iron requirement for re-rolling bounties , make it free or no more than ten iron for every re-roll because the increasing iron prices on every re-roll is a scam.

Don’t even bother. Rerolls are unnecessary.


The first one is free. Each one after that steadily increases. You have more than enough time to complete the tour of duty without rerolling a significant amount. People just need a little more self control.


Not the point it’s just a way to make artificial grind, as of right now i do the bounties and get off the game until the next day, so i play only like 30 mins to an hour and log off. Why wouldn’t they want people playing there game for longer sessions?

Because they want them playing for months, not a couple days.

Yeah but that’s the thing you can do it in a couple days if you pay up that’s my point, it’s a ■■■■■■ business scam and should be done away with if they are truly listening as they clam.

How is it a scam if you don’t have to do it? They’re not even asking people to do it quickly. You’re just impatient. They shouldn’t even give you one free reroll. And there used to be only 3 objectives. They’re so greedy they added a fourth to really scam you. Kids these days just feel so entitled. You don’t deserve free rerolls. You want them, pay for them, or wait.

Ok keep paying for things that use to be free in games and be ok with it, bend over more for game companies so they get richer for the least amount of effort. Smh

How are the getting richer? I don’t buy iron. Just play daily.

Wouldn’t that be the fault of the players then? Maybe your topic should be for players to stop feeding into that system.

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Maybe you don’t but not everyone doesn’t, i don’t either, destiny 2 has a season pass model almost identical to this one but you don’t have to pay real money to get more bounties you can get as many as you want. And progress as you see fit.

Then play destiny. If you don’t like how developers make games, then don’t play them. If enough people do that they’ll change. If people don’t stop playing then they’ll think the model works. So far for TC this model works.

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true but this targets additive tendencies, and should be stopped, it’s almost same as loot boxes but without the rng factor.

Honestly the Tour is so easy now you don’t even have to re-roll or even get Boost to get through it unless you’re in some crazy rush. Between the daily objectives and medals, it’s been pretty easy so far.

Seeing as how re-rolls and boost are unnecessary, I think it’s fine to label them as premium features and lock them behind Iron. Nothing wrong with that.

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Yeah thats a great solution play something else and let one of my favorites franchises die a greedy death instead of voicing my thoughts on it. This is not the answer. I love gears and have since 06.

So your way of showing you love it is to run through the Tour is Duty in a couple days and then quit playing the game? If you love the game then you’ll play it, and if you continue to play it you’ll easily finish the tour of duty in a few weeks.

So either you don’t want to play the game very much, or you’re impatient. That’s really the only two options.

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I have no problem with the tour of duty, just the fact that you can pay to fast track it, if they want us to play it for months fine take out the re-rolling for iron option out of it and give us five bounties a day.

Why don’t you try to working in some of the medals too, to make completing the tour more efficient for you?

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Nothing wrong with it since it’s completely optional. If someone wants to spend their money to rush through it then so be it.

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if you only knew how much time and money ive spent on this franchise, ive show it nothing but love, but when they take all that I’ve bought over the last 14 years away and slowly trickle it back out to me for more money something as to change, i mean adding dom back to the game for money, something that has always been free makes no sense, i bought everything in gears 4 and they took it all away and are now charging for the same stuff again,do you like that?