Re: Re-up, Rewards, and Purchases February 9th Update

These posts are just flooding in lol. Priceless though. The game goes free with gold and then this happens lol.

Also OP the same thing happened to me. Just give it some time and it should be corrected by tomorrow at the latest. If not then prepare to send a ticket.


So the first thing that happened is I bought v day sam played for a bit closed the game ate dinner came back and she’s gone and my gold was gone like I bought her but she’s not there… second I thought why not buy her again maybe it was a glitch then it says I was not charged because the servers were having issues well… I was charged yet again …

The recent title update is causing alot of problem across the game. I suggest waiting till tomorrow. If everything is not back to normal or where it should be send a ticket to TC.

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in this week sam v-day and first minister anya are free in store. i buy they but the server are not working good i lost 6000 gears coins and i dont have the skins WHY?

The title update is causing alot of problems across the board. Everything should be fine by tomorrow. If not send a ticket.

Bought 500 iron to buy Omega Squad Marcus and Civilian Anya

game messed up so I had to force quit the game. I come back and the skins I just bought are no longer there and have to be bought again.

I do the exact same thing and buy it again and the same thing happens.

As soon as i buy it, my games connection messes up and i had to force quit the game. I come back and what do ya know, my stuff is gone again but I’m out 10$ anyway.

Im done


Whole game is broken right now IMO. Update 2 steps forward 6273848 steps back.

I also lost anya and the skins I bought with coins today.

Yeah me too. Least it was only coins. Would be much worse if it were iron or money.

I bought the V-DAY SAM skin with ingame currency and got an error msg “something went wrong. You account has not been billed”. However I am 2000 gold lighter and missing the V-DAY SAM skin.
Also I cannot see my skill cards when in customization or lobby. They are now ‘invisible’.


This happened to me as well, but Civilian Anya is back in my customization after restarting my game. Not surprising the servers are always a mess after an update.

Edit: Meant to reply to the OP


Mine WAS iron.

The only way to get the new marcus and anya skin right now is through iron

I have been robbed of $10 of MY money today,

I am what you would call… upset.


I managed to buy Civilian Anya for 250 Iron and V-Day Sam for 2,500 GC just fine, nearly 2 hours ago.

So this must be happening just now.

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I had this happen to me last tuesday. Bought locust sniper and even played a few rounds with him but the next day he was gone alongside all the other stuff I bought.

Solution? The same as with any Microsoft product, a restart did the trick.

In this case though you will have to wait until the update finishes propagating.

Well one way or another this needs to addressed and solved ASAP.

This is, to put it simply, ridiculous.

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TC: “Nobody move…dropped me brain”
…Best not make purchases of any sort today guys.

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I’m relieved to see that I am not the only one that got hit with the Store bug. Really hoping that we’ll be recieving refunds for the coins/Iron we inadvertantly lost.
I lost 4k coins and it feels real bad man.


Same issue. Bought Omega Squad Marcus with iron. Also bought Winter Armour Baird, V-Day Sam and First Minister Stroud with coins. Used all the skins in a few matches then quit the game. Started it up now and the skins are all gone, as well as the iron and coins I spent. Please fix this.

Also had problems in the store purchases, had to purchase winter armor baird twice so I’m out 2000 gold plus while playing today everything is bugging out on me and changing my characters randomly.