Re: Re-up, Rewards, and Purchases February 9th Update

Some of you trying to re-up may not be able to currently - this is simply due to server load as we’re handing out all the retroactive rewards. It’ll lighten up as the day goes on.

We’re also investigating the issue with store purchases.


Thank you.

But instead of releasing a broken update, just close the servers for as long as you need to properly add the new content and modifications without messing with the game. You’ll only get harsh comments from a lot of people.


reup 24 to reup…24…
love this update…


Nice update guys. After 30 min I finally was able to re-up and went from re-up 22 to re-up 23. I hope at some point it will be corrected cause I don’t intend to regain the xp I already won. Fix that broken game for god sake.

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We may get those comments either way, but thank you for the feedback.


We would honestly be sitting here looking at everyone go nuts over the servers being closed. This is a damned if they do damned if they don’t scenario.

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In that case, we’re informed in advance and that’s good enough for a lot of people. If some are still mad while The Coalition is doing its job, ■■■■ them.

One day or one week, I don’t care, if the update goes well, that’s all that matters to me.

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re-up 35 level 42…

to re-up……



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Can you fix invisible skill card issue while you are at it? Can’t see my skill cards in customization or lobby. Thx


friends of gears at prestige 21 went to 40, I didn’t go up from 35 …


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Just close the servers for however long it takes, no harm done. Whole game is not working.

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Re uped fifth time. Nothing happens. Still Same re up. No Progress. Anyone Else with same issue ??


Server down for me

Me and my wife are having same problem.

Seems we re the unlucky ones!!! Friend of mine just pressed once for the re up and instantly gone from 28 to 50, and got also the 2 achievements for reaching lvl30 and 40.

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I went from 22 level 96 to 23 level 1 then its got stuck

Today the Re Up system was updated, I was ReUp 24 and only received 1 ReUp now I’m only ReUp 25 :rage:
Other people were ReUp 23 and now they are ReUp 46.
It is very unfair!
I was hoping to get up to ReUp 48, but I only got ReUp 25
My effort was useless! Now everyone surpasses me Thanks TC!
This game is more unfair every day

Be patient. You’re not being singled out, for pete’s sake. It’s rolling out with bugs. Just wait.


That’s messed up.I went from 23 to 45. I am now stuck and cannot get my xp after completing to horde matches. These guys are just the best at screwing up!!!