Re: koth ranking system feedback

Just so TC know there is constant glitch with eliminations once hit 40 where can’t earn gp for them anymore,

Secondly I have a suggestion make downs and revives give you points one for down max 30 two if confirmed as kill, make ring and breaks 2 each and revives one max 10 this way it’d make grinding at top elo more consistent and wouldn’t lose as much gp if was onyx and lost but played well .
Thank you for your time
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Oliver Whitehead

Its not a glitch thats the way it works right now

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Technically it is as it’s supposed to be 80 max

Lol… 80 GP Max… If each elimination gives you 2 GP, then it’d 40 eliminations = 80 GP

It’s not a glitch, my guy


This man thinks we’re playing Siege. It’s GeArS PoInTs my guy.
@GhostofDelta2 @WD_Hawkeye


Listen, I haven’t brought up Siege in at least 5 minutes


Yeah just realized; still max should be 80 eliminations as then it provides reward for playing decent over two or three rounds and at higher rank allows you to earn slightly more given the high gp reduction at diamond and masters for example

Consecutive round wins should count as something and MVP should go by score not GP and MVP should get a lil extra GP nothing big. The caps don’t bother me as long as I get the win. Top performing players(if they win only) should get a bump.

What about downs though ? They show you’re playing for damage consistently so surely having them alongside eliminations caps and breaks makes sense With regards to MVP was thinking 50-75 gp and downs maxing out at thirty. Eliminations would be better at 80 as then it’s either 40 in two to max out or 30 30 20 which is easily doable on a consistent basis; I think the current set up doesn’t reward you for getting downs or slaying as it could do; only minor tweaks needed to make the system ideal in my opinion.

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