Re-hashing quitting. In Ranked

Had players quit twice today in ranked KOTH. The first time it happened, we had split the first two matches, and then were winning the 3rd match and there was maybe 2 or 3 minutes to play. Out of the blue, 2 guys on my team quit almost simultaneously. We went on to lose the 3rd and deciding match, never winning another point being outmanned 3 to 5.
Now I am mot going to lie and say that I cant understand any reason to quit. Things happen all the time that justify quitting. I also understand younger kids being forced by their parents to get off the game. What I dont understand is when I checked the profiles of the quitters, one of them was totally off the box. The other , 3 minutes later was watching NETFLIX!. You couldnt wait 3 minutes to finish the match before you get on Netflix? I mean what in the mother @%$&? WE NEED A TOOL TO FLAG THIS…Thanks for letting me vent. I know this is an old topic…but god is it maddening…


I dont know whats worse the quitters or the guys sitting at spawn.


or Guest account(s)?

Lol yeah that is definitely up there. How about guys actually playing but contributing nothing? Lol.


I understand, but until (if ever) they fix the ranking system, I would not let it bother you to much.
Win or lose, gib range to close or to far, high ping warriors…it is still fun melting ppl.
At least that is what I keep telling myself lol.

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Tbh i think that adding a ranking system to gears is the main reason you get quitters, complaining about high ping, bad servers, wifi warriors, 5 stack, “im diamond but i get bronze on my tm” :sleepy: blah blah blah. The list is endless.

Why do ppl quit ?? Cause they dont want to take a loss for reasons above^

I recently played 8 koth matches solo, every match my team were favored 1 was by 20k points. Every match was a loss, i lost 37% (silver2):joy:was always onyx 3 in gears 4 every game mode, i even got diamond 1 time. so the losses i gained were not from my tm been bad players, most were decent but the other tms players always had 2>3 exceptional good players that totally outplayed us.

1 match 2 ppl left before the 1st minute, so i just hid in spawn and took the loss but gained about 120 pts.

Now if we look at gears 3… No ranking, if u got put against a tm of noobs u win n play nxt match against a 5 stack of skilled players u lose and go wow they guys were good tell host to search again try and find that same tm and beat them.
That wont happen in 5 as you need to protect the stupid little rank u earned.
Gears 3 had leaderboards which gave u all the stats u needed, simply done and effective. Thats what told u how good u were not some stupid medal.
I got ranked in top 100 for guardian in gears 3,

Most my friends wont even play 5 anymore 1 went back to gears 3.
I have 1 or 2 who will play master escape just so i can get the tour done

I agree w/everything you say. I play solo koth as well, and my matches are 90% just like yours. Its usually me and 2 or 3 other silver players, and the other 60 or 70 % are diamond onyx…what i dont understand though, is quitting when its 1-1, and your team is winning the last match. To watch netflix for christ sakes. Thats quitting to avoid a win. Its maddening. Also, quitting to avoid a loss…do you not take the loss if you quit? If you dont, that should be changed. I never quit, so honestly I dont know what the penalty is points wise in ranked for leaving?

I mean I like having a ranking system. I play with this broken game, and i never quit regardless of losing rank. I get that some people might be doing that. Tbh right now the way the ranking system is i rather them quit than sit afk at spawn. But the ranking system could just be a simple leaderboard.

Im not agreeing with not having a ranking system. I play everyday with it as well. Its very enjoyable when you get matched with even players. Its miserable when you are put up against players ten thousand times better than you. And if I have to have another 97%, another point blank no damage, another every player sucking you into their chainsaw…im gonna go mad…

Non-quitters should be rewarded with exclusive skins, emblems, and sprays.

Quitters should be disallowed from using any customization they have (unless it is paid for?).

Problem solved.

This would be for repeat quitters so people wouldn’t freak out at lagging out once or if their lights go out or if mommy gets home with the groceries or if they have to tend to their kids or if they remember they have homework or if they rage quit once in forever or if they have to go poopy


we need the ranking system to work.
penalties should stay active and reset every week period, which is Monday’s.

After a player quits they have 3 minutes to rejoin before they receive a penalty.
The penalty should be a time ban that increases every time you quit within the Week period.

  • 1 time (30 min), No point deduction, could be a lagg out situation.
  • 2 times (1 hour), 150 point deduction.
  • 3 times (4 hours), 350 point deduction. This will continue to be your quit penalty until the new week period. (Monday),

If a player quits and doesnt Rejoins, the match will be Null and void and players can leave after the 3 minutes of the player quitting.

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I’ve seen the same thing. I was in an Escalation match where my team lost the first 2 rounds. We then won the 3rd round and then lost the 4th round. It is 3-1 going into round 5, when the player list appears and shows that the currently winning team had someone quit. Don’t know why, maybe they had connection issues or something or they could have just quit out.

My team then proceeds to win the next 2 matches because of the now unfair advantage of having more players. It’s 3-3 going into round 7 when the other team now has yet another player who has quit, making it 3 vs 5. He probably quit because of the previous person quitting and how they then the lost the previous rounds because of it. My team of course proceeds to steamroll them the last 2 rounds to win the match.

It didn’t make any sense for that first person to quit when their team was winning, but because of it their team ended up losing a match they probably would have won.

@DrSchlepenstein first of all, what a badass and hilarious gt. You sound like a Dr I would go to and pay 100 cash for an adderrall and oxy prescription.
Secondly, its truly puzzling these people quit to avoid winning. The 2 situations where I can justify quitting is if the lower GI tract is giving in , or if Mamma says so. Besides that, if you quit, its between you and god. The guy that quit with probably 2 minutes left to watch Netflix…ill take it to my grave wondering what was going on in his head. Netflix is “on demand”. You can delay watching Riverdale for 5 minutes. Jeez.