Re-enlisting in Operation 5 gives different weapon skins

Hi, G5! It’s been fabulous to earn weapon skins by re-enlisting. So I made it to XIX and I was expecting to get the last Desert Camo skin but the Operation 5 gave me an Art Deco Retro-Lancer, instead. Can you help?

Has always been the reward for Reup19 for some reason. Probably a leftover from when scrap was still a thing.

No, it’s always been like that, but HEY! Congrats on your new Art Deco Retro Lancer! It’s a beautiful gun, though isn’t it? The gold luster should really stand out in the heat of combat while the white highlights ought to impress the ladies (trying to be positive here, is it working?)


You’ll get the Camo-Gnasher for ReUp20.

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I’m exactly 200 levels behind you lol, just finished 17 tonight myself.

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It’s always been like that.

Unfortunately, you can also get that reward in the Art Deco weapon skin pack, so if anyone buys that pack before they reach re-up 19, you essentially get nothing for getting to re-up 19.

Still something that infuriates me.


Thank you all of you for your answers. Keep it up mates!