Re bring back escalation

Does anyone know if and when TC will be adding escalation back ? Was looking forward to playing it this operation.


It wasn’t popular so outta probably not coming back

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Well start the official thread, cuz its the only ranked mode I liked to play…


I really enjoyed the non ranked short version, I’d play it if that were there, just can’t commit to full matches of da longer one sometimes

I preferred it to king; and given its the competitive game mode its perplexing they took it out; gridiron and free for all are less popular and I never struggled to find EU and NA matches on escalation @TC_Sera any updates on this mode please?

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Escalation was bad IMO. It doesn’t work for
Majority of gamers, but it’s great set up for an organized event like esports or something.

Agree with you on gridiron. They should remove FFA and 2v2 gnasher a from ranked and just add guardian and gridiron. Or just gridiron.

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I didnt like it as first to 7, that for sure was too long for a match. However, first to 5 felt pretty good. I think if they got rid of the respawn management and brought it back people would play it more.


remove ffa and 2v2 gnashers for sure… add a reworked tdm and a reworked escalation. You can keep gridiron for the execution and warzone fans.


That’s too many modes for ranked.

How do you figure? You take away 2 and add 2.


It takes a while to play escalation but why the hell not.

If you’re willing to wait you deserve to play.

Besides the point is to bring gamers to gears. Not outcast them & there preferred modes.


No unless I scrim or compete I can’t run escalation with teammates or friends is disappointing to say the least; I hope the bring it back anyone know if TC intends to? @TC_MichaelAOS

Glad Escalation has gone to be honest. Never enjoyed that game mode. The eSports scene being dominated by this mode too means I don’t enjoy Gears eSports either.

Thats fine. But they did invest a lot of resources into this mode. Idk why they would just scrap it…
I just enjoy the 3 ring game over KOTH. I would be content even if it was just domination from judgment.

I think it needs be back but like escalation gow 4, it was very fun


Well, there was no plans to add it into this Operation’s Ranked modes at all.

TC did put a lot of effort into making their own unique mode that was used for eSports for the full duration of Gears 4 and of Gears 5 thus far.


THANKFULLY it’s not available. Nothing more than a terrible and boring mode than should be wiped from Gears permanently.

I also loved escalation & hope they bring it back. Although I prefer the Gears of War 4 Escalation over 5 on the weapon placement because I think only the team that loses a round should place a weapon, not both teams like in 5. I also hope they take away the limited lives as well because if your playing with randoms they can go run & die a couple of times & then just sit back & do nothing, all in the name of saving team death’s.


I hear that; I loved escalation too and occasionally ransoms would do that; you’ve made some very good points

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I didn’t really like Gears 5 Escalation, it was quite complicated at first, and the meta turned into a copycat sort of weapon selection structure, with a boring initial meta.

Some of the major things people didn’t like about Escalation from Gears 4 was it’s long run time, you could have, in theory, 39 rounds worth of Escalation, (even more if you are in a best of 5 matches in a final) that would last hours.

The round reduction was welcome, but it was too little, too late for a lot of players. I can’t understand why this wasnt changed for the game’s launch.

I also prefer matches from Gears 4, as that game was aggressive, and favoured a push heavy style of gameplay, which naturally is more exciting for lots of people.

Some people in this thread haven’t had a problem finding matches, in my experience, I struggled, all the way back in Op1 in October/November time. That hasn’t helped.

I commend the effort TC have put into Escalation, it is a well thought out mode, with lots of little nuances to it, but I can’t help but feel that Gridiron was made as a testing ground for future games. Easier to understand for casuals watching the game for the first time, quicker matches on average, single life mode, which is one of the things that Gears of War in '06 built itself from in Execution.

I hope it returns with improvements, but I can’t help but feel that Escalation will be pushed to the side now that Gridiron has featured.