Razor. Hail worth upgrading?

Anyone have razor hail beyond level 3?
I’m in 40 percent damage but then next level only goes up to 45percent.
I’ve got enough scrap . Does that extra 5 percent make any significant difference ?

You wouldn’t think so, but it definitely does. JD is a boss melter.


It’s seems to be an extra 5 percent damage per tick, so actually helps a bit

The bleed cards tick 3 times 5% is actually 15% more damage id est 40 percent is truly 120 percent and 45 percent is truly 135 percent, you can judge from there, but if you’re playing on a match where you have access to infinite Lancer GL Grenades then it probably is inconsequential since there is so little down time between being able to fire another round that the amount of bleed damage doesn’t so matter too terribly much and since bleed doesn’t kill with Execution rules there gets to be a point where more damage from bleed doesn’t matter if they were going to go down with a lower percent you still need to finish them off with something that can kill them like another GL round. As for Bosses they’re beefier so you’re more likely to get the full damage from the bleed and that’s where damage is damage and more is clearly better than less, but even them you can usually kill fast enough without having Razor Hail maxed that it isn’t going to make or break you if you don’t have it. The significance of having that extra 15% is dependent on the person playing and partially dependent on the difficulty the person is playing on. It’s kind of like the difference between Store Brand and Name Brand, there are plenty of cheap Store Brands that a lot of people find good enough or even prefer due to the quality of the product and price ratio, but there are also those out there that just buy name brand, they know what they’re getting and they might view them as a higher quality product (a lot of times they are as you get what you pay for) so they’re willing to spend a bit more. You can play with a lesser version of a skill that is good enough or you can pay the premium for the premium product that may or may not be truly ‘better’.