Rating all "Seriously" achievements

So after Gears POP!s announcement of it getting its rest on April 26 2021 and thus it pretty much being impossible for me to get my last missing “Seriously” achievement (unless some miracle is going to happen…), I decided to rate all the different Seriously achievements throughout the Gears franchise. I’ll sort them into different categories, time consumption, difficulty and fun factor.
I do not count the Seriously achievements of “Gears of War (PC)” and “Gears of War: Ultimate Edition” since those are mainly just copies of the original “Gears of War”. But first, a quick overview of all Seriously achievements:

  1. Seriously … | Kill 10,000 people in versus ranked match total | Gears of War / Gears of War (PC)
  2. Not So Serious … | Kill 10,000 people in versus player match total | Gears of War (PC)
  3. Seriously… | Kill 10,000 people in Versus matches | Gears of War: Ultimate Edition
  4. Seriously 2.0 | Kill 100,000 enemies (any mode) | Gears of War 2 / Gears of War 2 (JP)
  5. Seriously 3.0 | Reach level 100 and earn every Onyx medal. | Gears of War 3
  6. Seriously Judgmental | Complete all Declassified Missions on Insane difficulty | Gears of War: Judgment
  7. Seriously 4.0 | Complete Insane Campaign, ribbons, rank placements, Horde maps, re-ups, classes and five skills | Gears of War 4
  8. Seriously 5.0 - Chapter 1 | Insane Campaign, Master Horde & Escape Launch Maps & Characters, 20 Re-ups, General in Tour | Gears 5
  9. Seriously POP! | Defeat 100,000 pins, win 1000 Versus Battles, reach highest Versus League and clear 1000 Horde Waves | Gears POP!
  10. Seriously Tactical | Earn Grubpocalypse, Immortal Legion, I Could Do This All Day and Boom! | Gears Tactics

Time Consumption

  1. Seriously 3.0
  2. Seriously POP!
  3. Seriously …
  4. Seriously 5.0 - Chapter 1
  5. Seriously 4.0
  6. Seriously 2.0
  7. Seriously Judgmental
  8. Seriously Tactical

Reason: Gears of War took the longest to grind every single Onyx Medal since there was so much different stuff to do. It involved a lot of different grinding methods to get them all. It was once calculated by someone that it would take one person 2 years when playing 7h a day without afk grinding methods. Seriously POP! almost required you to sink in money to get the achievement or de-ranking over and over again which is a pain. The 1000 Versus wins is the main issue. Killing 10k people was required in one game-mode due to a bug back in the days in the original Gears of War which is why this one took very long as well. Both Gears 5 and 4 had a certain grind but nowhere near as long as the others. Gears of War 2 was also a relatively simple grind in the final chapter. Gears Judgement and Tactics were probably the fastest Seriously achievements to obtain since they weren’t that difficult nor that grindy (at least for me).


  1. Seriously 3.0
  2. Seriously 4.0
  3. Seriously 5.0 - Chapter 1
  4. Seriously Tactical
  5. Seriously POP!
  6. Seriously Judgmental
  7. Seriously …
  8. Seriously 2.0

Reason: This one is relatively tricky to put into a decent order. However, Gears of War 3 had so many different tasks you had to complete that I’d say it’s definitely the most difficult one to get, besides the mental patience of doing most things over and over again. From 2nd - 6th place it’s really hard to sort them in but that’s about what I’d go for. They all had a few tasks that required a certain skill level and grinding means besides Judgement which only consisted of completing these “extra difficult missions” which didn’t appear to be that difficult to me if I remember correctly (it’s been some years…). Gears 1 and 2 had simple grind achievements with not much difficult involved besides the grinding (or simple playing long enough).

Fun factor

  1. Seriously 3.0
  2. Seriously 5.0 - Chapter 1
  3. Seriously 4.0
  4. Seriously Judgmental
  5. Seriously Tactical
  6. Seriously …
  7. Seriously 2.0
  8. Gears POP!

Reason: Even though that Gears 3 took the longest, it was in my opinion also the most fun to get. It really showed that you have everything from grindy means over skill to patience to keep playing the game for a long time. It remains the one and only Seriously achievement for me. Gears 4 and 5 both had interesting aspects that went into the same direction as Gears 3 but never took as long and you could basically “keep going” like with the Re-Ups or beating more maps or whatever. Judgement offered a nice tricky way to do something difficult which earned you the achievement. Gears Tactics was in a way similar to Judgment but involved an unnecessary grind. The remaining three achievements really just had grindy methods, nothing else than that.

And that about sums it up for me. I’m a bit disappointed that I most likely won’t get the last Seriously achievement but that’s just how it is I guess. I’d love to hear you guys’ opinion about those achievements, especially from people who earned them all (possible even the additional Gears 1 games). :slight_smile:

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Kills also didn’t count when there was host-migration midmatch. I knew ppl that had around 40k kills before they got their achievement.

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I would consider ranking Not So Serious, Seriously from UE, and Seriously from PC as well. I know you state they are basically the same thing, but there were some notable differences that make them pretty different from all of your metrics (time, fun, difficulty).

For example, Not So Serious didn’t require ranked mode play, while the UE versions had 2v2 Gnasher modes where kills counted as well.

Would like to see your rankings then. :slight_smile: For me there isn’t much difference in them since it’s based on the same game mechanics.

Gears 1 PC counted ranked Annex matches, so you could load up Annex on Rooftops with 1 Hammers of Dawn, and have 2 people on 1 team looking down hitting the hammer non-stop.

Gears UE & Gears UE Win10 had a map change on Rooftops that made Rooftops not as easy to grind.

I know both of them had easier methods to grind for the achievements. That’s especially why I didn’t count them. It wasn’t flawed with the original “bugs” the game had and was coming with quite a few different opportunities to get the achievement. Same goal, but way easier to achieve.

That is kinda the point of these whaling games :wink:

There was no such thing. If the host quit or disconnected it just ended the lobby.


I have Seriously in:
UE (easy)
J (medium)
4 (hard)

Original seriously. I was a campaign man only, well 99.9% so that was never going to happen

Could easily get 2, just can’t be arrsed to replay the same section again and again. Definitely the easiest of all the Seriously cheveos.

Seriously 3.0 about 60/70% but unlikely to get due to resets. The most grindy, luckily Gears 3 is the pinnacle of Gears so you didn’t/don’t mind.

Never getting 5 it doesn’t thrill me enough to engage long enough to get the various requirements.

Gears P. Not too sure, I played for only a bit.

Gears Tactics. I have no idea of the criteria, will have soon though :blush::+1::wink:

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Remember that window that would pop up once in a while during matches where you could press (B) to do something? Idk what it was, could be something something else but I’m certain it was host-related. Anyways, we kept track of the times when no one pressed anything until the window disappeared again and those matches would always count towards your total kills.
You could still test this out with the 100kills with weapon X cheevos.

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Seriously 3.0 remains the mother of all Seriously achievements.

I don’t know a single person who got it 100% legitimately. And by legitimately, I mean, no double boxing, no boosting with friends, no idling. I mean totally normally playing the game and fulfilling the requirements as intended.

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It was when the hosts or someone’s net was having issues, you could choose to leave at that point. I had one knob use a lag switch in games to make this happen constantly whenever he was losing.

And I unlocked achievements with matches like that, so you are definitely correct on that front.

Seriously 3.0 was EASILY the worst of them all. ■■■■ I’d even put it top 10 worst achievements of all time.

Never will I grind for anything that ridiculous again. My poor Xbox being idled 12 hours a day while I was working. Poor, poor thing

As bad as Seriously 3.0 was, at least it wasn’t a grind with a moving target. We all know what we were in for when the game released. With gears 5, we knew what we were in for with CHAPTER 1, but then they dump reup 30, reup 40, and 100,000,000 damage in versus on us months after launch(and none of this is even chapter 2 yet…) What the heck is TC thinking with these grinds…

Anyway, enough side tracking. Very cool post OP.