Rates, Choices, Gears 5 has no order of operations :/

Weird title? ^ Yeah, I suppose so.

No introduction or anything like that, I’m just going to get to the point.

I don’t want new characters, don’t get me wrong, it’s nice to see new faces, but it seems like you are still completely ignoring fans when we ask about stuff like Cyclops, Valeria, Carmines, Jace, Golden Hunter. Look, I know that Gears 5 has pretty much just started, but it wont be long before its already been half a year, and let me tell ya… The rate at which new characters or rather characters that we actually want in Esports or have yet to simply come out, hasn’t happened and judging by how slow it is, I don’t think we are going to get any of these characters ANY TIME SOON. This 3 month system you got setup, is dog-■■■■. We barely have any meaningful characters and we are coming up to half a year. At this rate Gears 5 will only continue to drop and wait times for games are absurd. Stop giving us ■■■■ skins like Day of the dead themed stuff and inside outs… That ■■■■ is a joke and doesn’t even look cool at all!!! Where did your taste buds go? Did you throw em away after you finished with Gears 4? Jesus… You guys came up with some good ■■■■ in that game despite the stupid ■■■ silly skins like Uchidor Oscar…

All I ask is that you focus on something that you know will work and be well received. Give us something that actually is a heavy request, even one thing, for both human and locust, or just locust next, and we can maybe get started. Customization is Huge in a game like this… you need to learn… Excuse me… RE-LEARN what you should be pumping out in terms of skins and characters and honestly what objectively looks better. In my opinion.