Rate this behavior: Playing with a stack on Quickplay

What does the Gears community think of such behavior?

It’s fine. I assume all opponents are playing stacked across PvP.


There’s nothing wrong playing with friends.


Also, said stack comes with sweaty players, lancer crossing and all of the stuff you would expect in ranked

So… teamwork and using all available resources… (i.e.: not just using the Gnasher)?


That’s blasphemy! Lol.


I believe it’s probably common for a stack to warm up in quick play. I know I’ve run into them playing it. It’s not particularly common in my experience.

I think it’s fine unless the stack is rolling through every game thinking it means something.

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Just wreck the full stack with randoms

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I thought you couldn’t play quickplay with more than 3 people?

I know that’s true for Arcade

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Edit: I’m dumb. I played with a team of 4 the other day.


“Playing w/friends” and playing “against stacks” are two different things…imho. You can’t get rid of one without getting rid of the other. So it won’t ever happen. Communication is key to most modes in this game. It is highly annoying to play against a stack of onyx, diamond, master, or any combination of the 3. It is especially annoying to play against a stack that is communicating. Pretty much stack is synonymous with communication anyways.


Well thats cool, Bit harsh on the quickplay players, but will be good for a warm up.
I swear we couldn’t in the past though. Am I just going senile already? lol.

@Nineteenth_Hour Ooooh am I gonna diss someone. I have a friend who was saying it wouldn’t let us play as a stack in quickplay. What was the fool doing picking arcade!

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First people complain about bots in quickplay and now playing with friends is also wrong?

I’ve seen plenty of “stacks” in quickplay and 9 out of 10 they suck big time.


I don’t mind playing with friends, or against stacks, if it is just a bit of fun.

Problem is, that stacks can quickly turn into sweaty crossing heavy matches, where no one has fun. No one enjoys that kind of gameplay.

I was there :stuck_out_tongue:

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Unless TC changed something I believe that gridiron is the only mode that you can play quickplay with more than 3

It appears you have your answer

Doesn’t appear to be the answer you were hoping for

What do you think of the gears community’s behaviour?

Been on both sides of this.

Getting steamrolled by an obvious stack in a quickplay match is hilarious. And by hilarious, I mean rage-inducingly infuriating.


I’ve gone into quickplay with a stack before just to get some daily quests done, and it’s undeniably fun to mercilessly slaughter everyone in the lobby. I do feel a little bad about it afterwards though. Just a little.

Being with a group of friends probably adds to that fun. Most activities are more with others.

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